Urinary Bladder Meridian - Foot Tai Yang - General Information

  • Internal/External Pathways
    Starts from the inner canthus and ascends to the forehead
    Joins the Governing Vessel Meridian at the vertex where a branch goes to the temple
    The straight portion enters and communicates with the brain
    It emerges and bifurcates to descend along the posterior aspect of the neck
    Runs down along the back enters the body cavity at the lumbar region
    Connects with the Kidney and joins the Bladder
    The lumbar branch descends through the gluteal region and ends in the popliteal fossa
    The branch from the neck runs down the back, and reunites in the popliteal fossa
    Descends the leg to the lateral side of the little toe
  • Measurements Needed
    GV 24 -to- ST 8 = 4.5 cun
    Anterior Hair Line -to- Posterior Hair Line = 12 cun
    Mastoid -to- Mastoid = 9 cun
    Posterior Midline (Spine) -to- Scapula = 3 cun
    1st Bladder Meridian Line = 1.5 cun lateral to the spine
    2nd Bladder Meridian Line = 3 cun lateral to the spine
    Gluteal Crease -to- Popliteal Fossa = 14 cun
    Center of the Patellar Crease -to- External Malleolus = 16 cun
  • Precautions - [all]
    UB 1 - No Moxa, Slow Insert, No Manipulation
    UB 2 - No Moxa
    UB 3 - No Moxa
    UB 6 - No Moxa
    UB 8 - No Moxa
    UB 10 - No Moxa
    UB 30 - No Moxa
    UB 31 thru UB 34 - No Needling During Pregnancy
    UB 40 - No Moxa
    UB 67 - (Dr. So) No Moxa During Pregnancy Except to turn Breech
  • Point Relationships
    Governing Vessel Meridian line is important
    KD 3 is opposite UB 60
  • Additional Helpful Information
  • There are no points under T8
  • Before T8 the first Bladder Meridian line points have the second number of the vertebrae they are under (i.e. UB 12 is under T2, etc.)
  • There is an older numbering system for many of the Bladder Meridian points. To get the old numbers from the new system do the following:
    On the 2nd line on the back subtract 5 to get the old number
    On the posterior thigh add 14 to get the old number

Sources and More Information

The information on our site is drawn from our own lecture notes and clinical experience. The following lecture notes were used within this section:

  • Ferro, Barbara: New England School of Acupuncture, Point Location Lecture Notes
  • Hartstein, Rachel: New England School of Acupuncture, Actions & Effects Lecture Notes

For a complete list of valuable resources, see our Acupuncture Theory Resources section. The most recommended texts are below:

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