(LV) Liver Meridian - Point Functions Chart

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LV 1 Jing well; revival; moves Qi in genital region; shan & lin disorders; menstrual bleeding from excess or deficiency; LV Qi stagnation; emotional imbalances
LV 2 Ying spring; LV fire; clears heat in lower jiao; "true heat/false cold" - improves circulation to the extremeties
LV 3 Shu stream; LV Qi Stagnation & Tonify LV Yin; LV Yang rising; eye issues; menstrual issues from deficient Blood, Yin or Qi Stagnation; LV overacting on ST/SP; w/LI 4 influence flow of Qi and Blood in body
LV 4 Jing river; resolves stagnation & clears heat; lin disorders; medial knee/ankle pain
LV 5 Luo; Genital issues esp. damp-heat infections/discharges
LV 6 Xi cleft; acute hepatitis; channel/organ/genital pain
LV 8 He sea; tonify LV Yin & Blood; clear excess heat; damp-heat fibroids, cysts; medial knee pain
LV 11 LV 9 to LV 11 area may be reactive in women with fertility issues, moxa at LV 11 may help
LV 13 Spleen Mu; hui meeting of zang; tonify SP def.; LV overacting on SP; tonify zang; running piglet
LV 14 Liver Mu; effect middle & upper warmers; LV overacting on LU; emotional imbalances; running piglet

Sources and More Information

The information on our site is drawn from our own lecture notes and clinical experience. The following lecture notes were used within this section:

  • Ferro, Barbara: New England School of Acupuncture, Point Location Lecture Notes
  • Hartstein, Rachel: New England School of Acupuncture, Actions & Effects Lecture Notes

For a complete list of valuable resources, see our Acupuncture Theory Resources section. The most recommended texts are below:

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