(SI) Small Intestine Meridian - Point Functions Chart

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SI 1 jing well, clear heat from opposite end of channel, earache, tinnitus, red eyes, sore throat; breast disorders, insufficient lactation, mastitis
SI 3 shu stream; GV master coupled w/UB 62 yang qiao master, effects entire GV meridian; neck pain, back pain, occipital headache, night sweats w/HT 6; clear heat a/or excess from the eyes/ears, tinnitus, inflammation; calms the spirit
SI 6 xi cleft, acute and severe pain in the neck, shoulder a/or arms; weakness in the extremeties from overwork, fatigue; useful for elderly patients, deafness, tinnitus, failing vision
SI 8 he sea; elbow issues, pain, swelling, numbness; excess wind or wind-heat in the channel; submandibular pain, swelling
SI 11 breast issues, mastitis, pain; emotional issues, anxiety w/asthma, chest tightness
SI 16 window of the sky, throat swelling, pain, goiters, lumps
SI 17 window of the sky, throat swelling, pain, goiters, lumps
SI 18 facial issues, bell's palsy, trigemnial neuralgia, spasm; upper jaw toothache
SI 19 ear problems, inflammation, tinnitus, hearing loss

Sources and More Information

The information on our site is drawn from our own lecture notes and clinical experience. The following lecture notes were used within this section:

  • Ferro, Barbara: New England School of Acupuncture, Point Location Lecture Notes
  • Hartstein, Rachel: New England School of Acupuncture, Actions & Effects Lecture Notes

For a complete list of valuable resources, see our Acupuncture Theory Resources section. The most recommended texts are below:

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