Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment

The theories and treatment protocols for acupuncture can be fairly technical, complex, and overwhelming for those seeking to utilize acupressure as a form of self-treatment. In acupuncture, proper treatment requires an appropriate diagnosis in terms relative to acupuncture, which may involve looking at the tongue, checking the pulse, palpating certain points and areas, and asking questions to come to a precise diagnosis. And acupuncture point selection is a complex art and science which takes practitioners years to feel comfortable with.

There are, however, a number of points that are useful for acupressure in the sense that they are easy to apply acupressure techniques with and they have generally useful and precise functions that do not require a more developed diagnosis before use.

Acupressure Point Sections

Some of the more common acupuncture points useful in acupressure are described within our acupressure section along with links for more detailed information. In general, you can hold and/or massage these points for 3-5 minutes or longer until you achieve a change in your condition. As always, it is often best to receive acupuncture first and ask your acupuncturist which points they would recommend for your condition.

  • Note: Acupuncture points are often located by the cun measurement, which is a relative measurement tool.
  • You can click on the point names below to find more information about the point and the meridian name to see a graphic of the meridian.
  • For particular conditions you can read our conditions treated section which offers some of the more commonly used points for a given condition.


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Could you please tell me the

Could you please tell me the acupressure point to relieve sugar cravings and control appetite? Thanks.

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There isn't a specific point

There isn't a specific point as weight loss is usually somewhat complex.  There are addiction issues, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, etc. behind weight problems.  That said, this previous discussion describes the points that we generally use.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Im an ex service man who had

Im an ex service man who had he scitic nerve severed in the groin, I take morphine twice daily and have a serious constipation problem, Many doctors have informed me to rub my left thigh about two/three inches below my groin for nerve stimulation, helping me to relieve myself, it works more often than  not, is this an accupresser point or just nerve stimulation point.  I have told many people of this and they also seem to get relief.

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While there are meridians

While there are meridians running through that area what you are rubbing is based more on western nerve stimulation than acupuncture/acupressure points.  You can read the acupuncture for low back pain page to get an idea of the points we use and GB 30 is an empirical point for sciatica.

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Reduction of cortisol

Reduction of cortisol levels

Is there any point which can help to reduce cortisol level in the body?

I have Cushings Disease which is a small growth on my pituitary gland and which means my body produces too much cortisol. Is there a way to reduce this through acupressure?


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I've moved your question into

I've moved your question into our forum, here so it can be discussed more easily.

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See our "acupuncture for

See our "acupuncture for constipation" article for ideas on constipation.  For height increase, no, you can generally not do this with acupressure - you should consult with an acupuncturist locally.  In the complete absence of a practitioner you could try using acupressure on ST 36 and KD 3 daily.

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Hello, I am 32 years old,

Hello, I am 32 years old, never had a gf in my life, any time I am faced with a prospect I feel like I am having a serious panick attack.  I've tried many points and herbs to no avail.  Please help




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You should consult with an

You should consult with an acupuncturist locally and receive behavioral counseling from someone versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). While HT 7, PC 7 may be good choices for anxiety and herbal formulas like CZ herbal formula will help general symptoms when there are obvious triggers present learning to overcome them with more systematic treatment from professionals is imperative.

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Sir, i feel this site to be


i feel this site to be useful for one and all the acu practioners as well as the persons who wish to know everything about acu.  i will part with my friend every thing you send me and let him make use of it to the needy poor people who are suffering with more diseases without much money.

thank you very much for the valuable efforts 

kesavan b

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I would also like to inquire

I would also like to inquire if there is a pressure point to reduce cortisol resulting from cystic adenoma pressing on the pituitary.