Acupressure scalp meridians


Could anyone answer this question for me please? I've looked everywhere to no avail.

Which scalp meridians are most usually treated in scalp acupressure?

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See our scalp acupuncture

See our scalp acupuncture page for the point information.  However, scalp acupuncture is better done with acupuncture than acupressure as the effectiveness relies heavily on longer needling techniques which create multiple points of stimulation and sustained stimulation.

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Scalp acupressure for

Scalp acupressure for migraine use GB meridians, for back headache use Ub meridians, for top headache use liver meridians, for foreheadache use stomach meridians, for heavily headache use spleen meridians, for tired and empty headache use kidney meridians.

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Many thanks for your replies,

Many thanks for your replies, you've been very helpful

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Working at the bone level

I'd call them skull rather than scalp meridians for starters. Most likely, you're more interested in the points than meridian lines. Stimulation of the points on the skull can be very powerful because you are working at the deep level of bones. Receivers very often see celestial lights and have out of the body eperiences. It can be a most powerful kind of bdywork.

Of course, the points or meridians you use should be what's appropriate for your patient 's condition. But to answer your question, the most commonly used are the governing and the Gallbladder meridians. When you come to the occiput, that's the domain of the Gallbladder and the Urinary Bladder meridians. That's the main thoroughfare between the head and the body and a whole career can be buit on expert work there. 

Yes, not much is written but I encourage you to explore and find your own bearings there. It's a most fertile territory.