Hi - I've just taken on a new client with Bell's Palsy.  He's had this condition for 4 months and taken steroids but no real improvement so he wants to try acupuncture.  I have not treated this condition before and have looked at the protocols listed on this site but unsure as to realistically  how often I need to treat him to get results.  Would once a week be sufficient ?  Also, does anyone have any experience of using cupping or derma rolling ?

Look forward to your thoughts......


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How often you treat is really

How often you treat is really up to you - personally I never treat more than once a week for any condition unless it is incredibly acute (falls, accidents, swelling, bleeding, etc.).  Many others treat 2-3 times/week on a regular basis for all types of cases.  Unless it just started recently I've never seen any better results treating multiple times/week vs. once a week - but that is just my experience.

Bell's Palsy is well treated with acupuncture.  Cupping is appropriate on the upper back to 'expel wind' and moxibustion is used by some practitioners on the affected part of the face to increase circulation.

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Thank you Chad - its always interesting to know other peoples experiences.