Cupping Techniques

Would anyone mind posting their experiences with sliding (moving) cupping with plastic cups, please? I have used plastic cups, but when looking at purchasing sets for my own practice, many of them show a disclaimer "not for use with sliding techniques." Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Unless the tension is

Unless the tension is incredibly light on them I wouldn't do it.  Some of the plastic sets are better than others but compared to glass they are all a bit sharp and grab a bit.  Personally I would never slide a plastic set.  Not because I don't think you could but it wouldn't feel right to the patient and compared to doing it with glass it would likely be less effective.  If it's pump sets you are looking for, they have nice glass pump sets that should slide (no personal experience).  The best overall is traditional glass cups - particularly for sliding.  I only use the plastic ones for small areas that are hard to do with vacuum cups.