five animal frolics

Can anyone direct me towards a concise description of classic five animal frolics? (this is a case of too much info out there.) Thanks.

Daria Casinelli


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Any of the old forms that

Any of the old forms that have gone through history with various lineages will end up with differences.  For better or worse these differences may even outright contradict each other - this is ok.  For me, I think the best presentation of this qi gong is in Yang Jwing-Ming's DVD - five animal sports qigong.

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Five Animal Frolics

Dr. Yang's video is excellent, however, it requires quite a bit of prerequisite physical fitness, not to mention, probably near two hours to perform the complete set.  I would HIGHLY recommend the Wu Qin Xi book and disk by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.  It's easy to follow, not physically exhausting, and beautifully presented.