Hi everyone!!

I was wondering if  any of you could tell me exactly what can cause palmar hyperhidrosis (extremely sweaty hands) according to Chinese Medicine.

I know a Yin deficiency or Qi deficiency can cause it, but I'm not sure what else can too.

If someone could explain it I would be really thankfull!






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Hands hyperhidrosis mainly is

Hands hyperhidrosis mainly is because of middle jiao heat, cook upper jiao, make body liquid come out of hands through Pc, Ht and Lu meridians. By different symtoms, the reasons may Sp & St heat, for empty heat, is yin deficiency, for excess heat, is yang hyper up, and the treatment protocols are different, mainly is strong Sp & St functions, balance Sp & St yin & yang by tonify yin or sedate yang.

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Sweaty hands thoughts

Chinese medicine is so rich in analyzing and understanding sweating. Details about the sweating would really help. For example, is the sweating spontaneous - occuring with the body at rest, or it it oversweating - seemingly too much for the activity and environmental temperature levels? Is the sweating accompanied by heat or cold feelings? Is there a psychological factor involved - does the person feel nervous easily, etc.

Sweating may reflect heat pushing the sweat out, but it may also indicate an imbalance between the nutritive and defensive levels - the defensive qi not guarding the pores and the nutritive fluids leaks out as sweat. That the sweating should only occur on the hands I don't fully understand even though I have treated such cases. I think it may have to do with the special vascular and physiological makeup of those individuals.