Incredible Website

Chad, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and many resources.  Your website is well designed and user-friendly (easy to navigate).  Muchas gracias.


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Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind words, I am glad that you are finding the site a useful resource!

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Couldn't agree

Couldn't agree more.........

Do others like it?????????


Let Chad know how you feel, folks............





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The web site is great -  it

The web site is great -  it can be overwhelming there is so much info. But is staged that I can take as much or as little info as I want.I keep coming back & finding more info and more details. 

 I am grateful because you aren't selling anything.with your info -  you are providing a service.

But the real question is when will you start to teach classes here in Chattanooga. Not only Tai chi & guinea pig but  theory & how to think about healing?


.Thanks for all you do

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This is the first website I

This is the first website I check if I need info!  Thank you for your contributions to the real health care profession.  ;)  

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The best website

Great website Chad. A service to Chinese medicine.