need article on herbs, pms, liver qi stagnation, breast cancer

My mother, and the mother of a young woman (R.) close to me, both died of breast cancer.  R. has terrible PMS with most of the symptoms being emotional, as I did before taking Xiao Yao Wan for approximately 20 years. (I am also an acupuncturist). And while I understand the connections between PMS  (Liver Qi Stagnation) and breast cancer, it is difficult for me to convey to R. the importance of treating her PMS now. So, I'm looking for well written, well documented, footnoted article on this topic. Any help appreciated. Thanks. DC

Daria Casinelli


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While not exactly what you

While not exactly what you are looking for... I wrote a general article on liver and liver qi stagnation called "My Liver is What?".  This was an attempt to add some general context around what we call the "liver" in TCM.

A general answer to your issue, however, is it shouldn't be hard to get her to obtain treatment.  Who -wants- PMS??  ...  I don't think you need to make the devastating leap all the way to breast cancer to make your point however - even though there are some likely correlations technically...  The point I usually drive home is that it is all of the little warning signs which should be dealt with long before anything happens (whether or not it really does is not worth finding out in my opinion).  Things that we far too easily overlook because we can easily manage are headaches, digestive issues, menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, night sweats, etc.  In minor degrees these issues may just seem part of life, but I strive to make the point that they are not, they are treatable, and they are very important communicators of imbalance (albeit often minor at the time).