Treating lower body Oedema

I have a patient with severe oedema that moves from around his face at night to his lower body during the day. He has fluctuating High blood pressure and has Kidney function at 50%, severe tai yang headaches, red facial flushing but feels cold all the time, has difficulty breathing and is anxious.

He is currently taking western medication to reduce his blood pressure and is waiting for further treatment but is feels intense discomfort as the fluid moves around his body daily.

Any thoughts regarding treating oedema when you have very little access to the major points on the legs and feet due to the severe swelling. I have been treating his Lung meridian, Kidney shu and upper Bladder channel points but with very little success. 

Thanks again



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Tongue, pulse, your

Tongue, pulse, your diagnosis?  What points/herbs have you used with what effect?

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More information needed...

I agree with Chad. We need more infomation. Further to the tongue and pulse, I would like to know about his food and fluid intake and about his urination and defecation habits...