Treating Type II Diabetes with Acupuncture

I'm practice Japanese method acupuncture and am seeing an increasing number of overweight male Type II Diabetics, with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, medicated. I'd love to hear from other acupuncturists about how they treat these complicated cases especially with regards to treatments decreasing the need for medications in ways that are hard to predict; needling the lower leg and feet and treatment strategies.  I will eventually post a relevant case study. FYI: I'm not an herbalist, and not in need of nutritional information/supplements.

Daria Casinelli


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 In TCM, the treatment of

 In TCM, the treatment of "Three High" principle are: sooth liver Qi, strong spleen clear phlegm, promote blood circle, tonify Liver & Kidney Yin. Mainly use points for example: Lv3, Li4, St25, 36, 40, Sp6, 9, 10, 15, Ren4, 6, 12, 17, Pc6, Kd1, 3, 6, Ub17, 18, 20, 23..., basic on the patient's symdrone choice maximum 12 points for each treatment. With raw herb formula will more effective.

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U can also add in wei guan

U can also add in wei guan xia shu-1.5 cub lateral to T8. Diabetes extra point - needle obliquely
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i have also been conducting

i have also been conducting some research on the best way to tret DM type 2 through acupncture as i would lov to be able to help my grandmother through this method that i know so well also to be able to decrease medications that she is currently taking as i believe that it will improve her health. i do hope that this method will be effective as this would be a great help for her