Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms

I have a very heatlthy 34 year old client who has had cold sweaty palms her entire life. Her tongue is, dare I say, perfect. Her pulses are good and strong, skin hair eyes all exterior observations are perfect. Her body temp is even except for her hands.

She has no porblem with digestion but she craves hot food, she is from Tailand which is the probable explanation for this, when she is thirsty she says she says her throath feels "like a sore throat".  She has an even temprement has confidence and is a practicing Buddhist so her spirituality practice regular.

She is having fertility issues but her cycles are perfect.  We discussed fertility and she is not sure she wants to get pregnant, which might be the probelm with this. She is a scientist and enjoys reading and researching, her schedule and freedom with her time. This might be the fertility issue?

She is a night owl going to bed around 2AM up 10:00-11:00.

I am confused about her hands. If it were not for the craving for hot food which is normal in her diet; but craving for it makes me curious and that she gets a sore throat when she is thirsty.

I believe her sweaty hands my be neurological and since she has had this her entire life it could be her normal but I am not rested on this and wonder if anyone has any insight,


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To start with what have you

To start with what have you tried and with what result?

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very healthy lady

Dear honeykitten

Biji Meridians , developed recently, 

stream meridian tone HT7 - single point. 

Please let me know the result after two/three sittings.


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Sweaty Palms

For sweaty palms P9 (Pericardium) will be very effective and UB62 and Ub67 can be combined with this point

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Dear Kuber

H7 is recommended on the basis of patient's craving for  hot food which has been inferred as deficient SP yang. It reveals deficiency of st-sp heat.The same point can be sedated if it is taken to be an excess! Status of this point on Biji stream meridian is fire of spleen. However if we inferred that it is only exterior problem; fire of ST were excess (i.e. LI3) can then be sedated.

please explain your choice of P9 and UB62, UB67.Thanks.

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My opinion is:

My opinion is:

1. Sweaty palms is Lu. Firstly palm is lung area. Secondly, sweat is partly lung function.

2. Hot food - is ST and SP chronic deficiency in Yang pattern. She entering fire and yang into the St. By the way, corrupted energy is going to Lung from the St.

3. Sore throat is Lu too, or may be ST/LI. If it throat is Lu (inside meridian way). If it esophagus - is ST/LI.

4. Fertility - Jue Yin, Chong,


1. 5 elements: hot food access instability to Earth and thi injure a Metal (Lung-Sweaty Palms, Sore Throat).

2. Tai Yin and Yang Ming are injured

3. Additional questions: stool pattern, weakness, heart disorders, signs of liver toxicity, splashing.

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sweaty palm

I am sorry to say that sweat is not lungs function rather sweat is heart function! One ought to find if it is spontaneous or sticky sweat- that will tell us yin def or yang def.

you have very well noticed sore throat, that comes as thirst!

This is not yang excess, it is rather deficient Stomach yin

Biji stream meridian coldness SI3 ought to be toned. So solution is tone H7/P7 (palpate to chose) and sedate SI3.

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HT is producing a sweat, but

HT is producing a sweat, but Tai Yin is managing a sweating process.

Structure of pore is round smooth muscle - SP, exit of sweat throu the skin - Lu

Palm is Lu territory.

If this patient were sweating everywhere (all body) - I were choose to treat a HT, but in this case I think is more accurately to start from Tai Yin.

Thanks for your patience.

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sweaty palm in healthy lady

Dear Kupy,

some good notings from you made me think more clearly. thanks!

The impure fluid changes into sweat at Heart. Skin (i.e. Lu) holds sweat. opening and closing of pores are governed by sympathetic / parasympathetic nerves (function of Fire Element - hotness energy).

a site I may recommend It says

Excessive heat in the stomach and intestines not only leads to constipation, but also sweaty hands and feet.

Damp-heat in the spleen and stomach lead to wet hands and feet, and the sweat is like to be sticky in nature.
Yin deficiency creates virtual fire that leads to warm sweaty palms and soles.

(We ought to differenciate between heat and Hotness - the empty heat)
Coldness in the spleen and stomach leads to cold sweaty palms and soles.

Lungs failing might cause oozing of cold sweat from all over- a chronic condition. 

here we must go for ST- SP as our 1st choice - so I think !

I hope Honey will try some points and let us know the results.

It is very nice of you that you care to discuss promptly