Where to go for study trip / get apprenticeship in China


I am going to be spending a few months China briefly at the end of this year and would like to take the opportunity to visit a Chinese master's practice or gain some apprenticeship experience.

Does anyone know of a good practitioner I can get in touch with? Or  where I can find more information about this? I will be based mostly in Southern China around Shenzhen / Guanzhou area but can travel occasionally..

Many many thanks :)


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Most of the schools have

Most of the schools have relationships if not outright partnerships to varying degrees with other institutions in China.  From within those institutions local practitioners can more easily be found.  I would start by asking whatever school you went to for your initial acupuncture studies and go from there.  If your school is defunct or not helpful in this matter I would try contacting some of the larger ones here in the US - there is a list here - as most of them have relationships there.