Testimonial from Colorado

Dear Tom,

I want to thank you for developing and pioneering the Tong Ren Healing System. The healing it provides to people is truly beyond word's "Simple ~ Easy!" My first contact with Tong Ren happened through very dear and longtime friends, Rick K. and Florri A. Seeking alternativ healing treatment for cancer, they found both Tom Tam and Tong Ren healing only a few miles from their home at the Quincy Guinea Pig class. For anyone who lives within a fifty mile radius of the center in Quincy, you are truly blessed.

Rick treated my allergies, via long distance telephone, I live in Colorado. I have suffered from allergies since childbirth (59 years). I can happily report that after on Tong Ren treatment, I've been pill free. It's been month's now without any medication's and any extra needed relief is only a treatment away. I can now keep up with all the symptoms using the same techniques and a little hammering on my Tong Ren doll. I am now more than able to help my own family members with their myriad of health issues.

Reading Tom's book's, attending Tom's seminar class, listing to Rick and Florri, helping at the Guinea Pig classes (Quincy and Allston) this summer, practicing at home, and asking a lot of questions, have all given me the confidence and the basic knowledge to use Tong Ren daily.

Someday, Colorado will have its own Guinea Pig Classes.

Thank you again Tom.

Best Always,
Kim Davison