More Toughts about the Art of Energy Testing


While it is possible to use a pendulum or surrogate testing as a substitute for direct energy testing, I'm noticing i feel a resistance to doing so without careful consideration of what is making testing difficult. The context of the difficulty plays a key role. I'd want to address the person's doubts first of all, and spend more time talking about what we are doing and why. One thing that comes to mind is how often I will suggest to someone that stress is playing a role in whatever symptoms brought them in to see me and they will insist they have no stress. They truly believe that is true. Then it is helpful to be able to demonstrate with an energy test that triple warmer and/or pericardium indicate otherwise. That helps many clients make the connection between mind, energy status, body and symptomology.

Behind every symptom if we dig deep enough, behind every energy configuration that we observe needs 'correction' there is BS (a belief system). The connection may well be less than obvious and indirect in the extreme. But simply assessing and correcting energy may in the end be a slow route to change if not combined with a focus on the underlying thoughts and emotions.

It pays to ask, "What is it that we are testing"? And "why"? Maybe we have an intuitive hit, but we want to find out if it is accurate. Then a pendulum could be used to affirm our 'guess'. But then it's important that we are sure we are neutral about the outcome, and just curious about the answer to the question. We may rather want our findings to seem credible to our client. Demonstrating the energy state with kinesiology has an important visual and kinesthetic impact. But use of a pendulum and/or a surrogate may negate that benefit.

On the other hand there certainly are instances where these alternative ways of testing are useful - with young children for example, or for a person with a shoulder or arm injury.

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