Observations of a Kinesthetic Practitioner

I noticed recently that I made extraordinary progress with someone in a phone session. It occurred to me that some of that breakthrough session might be attributed to the fact that my kinesthetic nature was NOT busy matching my client's vibration. That kinesthetic matching can bring in a lot of useful information. On the other hand, if it lowers my vibration to match a client too well, I no longer have the same objective perspective that might be most useful at that moment.

Both aspects of the subtle relationships of our fields have something to offer. There's no right and wrong here. It does encourage me to mix the ways in which I chose to interact with my clients. It also provides a great lens for understanding why it is often preferable to conduct sessions from a distance, or in my office, rather than on-site at a clients' home.

At the same time, when physicians made home visits I imagine that they learned a great deal about their patients that they no longer can access in their office environments. Further, when teaching processes like energy medicine exercises or qigong, perhaps a student is more likely to remember to practice if they are learning in the environment where they will do that practice.

William Tiller has done work that demonstrates that spaces learn (or can be trained). That is, they hold the energetic imprint of whatever has occured in that space. Thus we can notice the difference walking into a cathedral from entering the motor vehicle registry or a public bus terminal!

I find that these and like observations make it easier not to project onto the clients or students I work with but to think more in terms of the field we are working in, how it is shared, and how we can have the most positive and lasting influence upon it.

I'm looking forward to bringing this understanding to my retreat July 11-16 in Mars Hill, North Carolina. It's my 18th year leading this retreat, yet every year it changes in subtle and unexpected ways. In addition to new insights I glean during the year, the week is shaped by the people who show up to participate. This makes it very exciting for me to anticipate the changes we will observe. For more information about the retreat, see the link on the "schedule of events" page on my website, http://HealingPoole.com

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I have had similar results. I

I have had similar results. I have compared working with the same client for a 30 minute massage and ending with an energy session to working with the same client after they had a 30 minute massage with a different therapist and i followed with an energy session after. In the first scenario, my personal vibration had been raised to match the client and thus the energy session flowed making adjustments. The second scenario awakened me to quickly adjust to the clients raised vibration and was able to see more than just mild adjustments but a bigger open perspective of a body energy scan. I am hoping to further develop my observations with more variables to gain more understanding.