What could Gall Bladder have to do with Heart Palpitations?

On the meridian clock, note that the Heart meridian gets its infusion of energy from the universe from 11 AM to 1 PM while Gall Bladder meridian is the polar opposite, infused with energy from 11 PM to 1 AM. Gall Bladder is a yang meridian, while Heart is a yin meridian. As a general principle (but not true in all cases, so one must test this) a yang meridian will grab and hold qi while a yin meridian is more apt to generously give up qi to its yang meridian clock opposite (or its element partner). Thus often an issue with heart palpitations might indicate that the Gall Bladder meridian needs attention. The source point for Gall Bladder is on the indentation on the lateral side of the ankle below the ankle bone in line with the fourth toe. If it is frozen or suppressed it will prevent energy from flowing. There are a number of ways to encourage that point to open. The simplest is to hold the tip of the 3rd finger of either hand on the point. Usually if you are energy sensitive you will feel when your effort has been successful. Other points to treat along the Gall Bladder meridian are at the base of the neck, the hips, the middle of the butt, and anywhere that the meridian makes a sharp turn. You may have to repeat this several times until your body learns a different habit with this energy balance between heart and gall bladder.

On the emotional level, Gall Bladder issues can reflect resentment, which is anger that is held rather than released. Further, the yin partner for Gall Bladder is liver, and most of us hold too much toxicity in our livers, as well as being adept at suppressing anger rather than acknowledging and transforming it.

If Gall Bladder is out of balance, it is likely that liver is as well. The liver source point is on the web between the big toe and 2nd toe. The heart source point is on the wrist below the baby finger. Check those source points in the same manner, by holding the 3rd finger on the points until you feel a shift.

If you aren't sensitive to energetic changes, then hold each source point for 1-2 minutes.

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I had an actual experience

I had an actual experience with this when a student came to a class I taught at a fitness center having heart palpitations. Since I'd known her for awhile I was familiar with the frequency with which her gall bladder was out of balance. I had her flush gall bladder (and the class of ten did likewise, creating a morphic field of balanced GB energy). I'd found that it was frequently the case that while one student had a noticeable symptom most if not all the others in the class had the same energy imbalance but might as yet be symptom free. This 70+ y.o. woman's heart calmed immediately. By the time she left the class she felt so well she went directly to play in a tennis match.

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Thanks for the great article,

Thanks for the great article, Judith! as a shiatsu practitioner, this info will be very useful.