"7 Days To Forget" by Gy Brown and Ph Jones

People often find themselves asking the question, “Why am I here?”,  “What is my life’s purpose?”, “I know there is something greater I am meant to do, but what?”, “I’m just not happy with my life the way it is. Is there something more than this rat race life?”. There are many ways to answer this question and direct our lives to bring us to closer in alignment with our life path. Meditation, spirituality, encouragement and guidance from others who are living their own answer, are a few. I believe, we who have dedicated our lives to helping and healing others thru our life’s work, are more aware of this answer than some of those around us and some of the patients we see and this could be a welcomed sharing.

I recently had the honor of previewing a book that is now available to the public, “7 Days To Forget” that gives a rare glimpse into the wisdom passed thru the generations by the Cherokee Woodland People thru a Sacred Wisdomkeeper. I found myself awakening even more to my purpose as the life-giving story unfolded. I could actually feel myself and all the characters in my life within this story, relating to each one of them on every level. Personally, it helped me to let go of the people and things I try to hold on to, released a sense of grieving, and freed up alot of energy to devote to more good will, realizing this is their story as well as mine and it isn’t always in the same frame. As characters, we come in and out of each other’s story by our own agreements that we made long before we were born and if we are aware of our own agreement, we can live a much more peaceful life full of understanding and awareness. This book being one of the valuable tools. It gives a different perspective on life, death, living, reincarnation, the seen, unseen, communication, understanding, letting go and how all this manifests and is encouraging us all to live our best physical life for the greater good, thru the eyes and hearts of the Cherokee. I hope you have the opportunity to experience this book and "prepare to remember".  



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