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Welcome to our directory of herbalists. The practice of herbal medicine goes back throughout human history and is one of the most basic and primitive forms of medicine available. Aspects of the field are quite simple and others are very complex. Many plants and their medicinal effects have been well researched and a high percentage of medicines today are derived from these studies.

Practitioners of herbal medicine may use single herbs or combinations of herbs (formulas) to treat any number of health issues. The healing potential of herbs is very broad and herbal medicine is a cornerstone of many cultures. If you are new to herbal medicine, please read our introduction to herbal medicine article. For a general idea of some of the functions of various herbs you may also want to see our Chinese medicine herbal database or our western herbal database.

Our directory contains listings for herbalists from around the world. You can click through the directory, starting below with your country, or you can use our search tools to find a practitioner near you.

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