How To List Your Practice and Engage Our Readers

Joining us is not simply a listing in some directory, it is an opportunity to grow and share as a practitioner and as a community.  The Yin Yang House has hundreds of thousands of visitors every month from all over the world - all with an interest in our medicine.  We allow practitioners to join to help them raise the visibility of their practices, share their knowledge and skills with the public, and overall increase the availability of information about our medicine with the world.

Listing your practice on our site is offered for  ** FREE ** to those members who actively contribute to our site and community.  To reward our active members, we utilize a "userpoints" system that grants points for your contributions.  The more points you have, the more access you have to our site and the more you can contribute.  The more you contribute, the more we include information about your practice throughout our site and in our many forms of outreach (newsletters, social media outlets, etc.).  In short, you help our community of interested readers, we help you...  You keep your listing so long as you stay active within our community.

  • Getting Listed -- First Step -- Create and/or Properly Setup Your Account

  • If you do not yet have an account, you can create one here.  When you create your account be certain to select "CAM Practitioner" under the "Your Interest Level" dropdown menu. 
  • If you currently have an account and you have "CAM Practitioner" selected under the "Your Interest Level" dropdown menu within your account page, you are all set.  If you do not have "CAM Practitioner" selected (i.e. you originally signed up as a CAM Student perhaps), you can edit your account (login and click on "Account Settings" at the top of the screen above the search bar).  From there you can edit your account and select "CAM Practitioner" within the "Your Interest Level" dropdown menu.
  • Getting Listed -- Second Step -- Earning Enough Points To Have Your Listing Show

  • When you create your account as a practitioner you are automatically granted permission to post within our forums, comment on other posts, and submit case studies.  You may also now create your "About My Practice" page which will include your practice information within our directory (* once approved *).  For each post you make you are granted 3 userpoints.  Once you have earned 15 userpoints your practice information will be published and your account will be automatically upgraded to a Full Practitioner Member Account.  After this you can then post full-length articles, news and events regarding your practice, research notes, etc.
  • To Get Started Earning Points and Creating Your Practice Details Page:
    • Login (if you are not already).
    • Read our Forums (Earn points by commenting on questions/issues from our readers, the comment box is available at the bottom of  each post).
    • Submit a new forum topic or discussion by clicking "Click Here To Post..." at the top of any forum page.
    • Earn points by submitting complete case studies. Follow the links in the Hello "User" box on the right side of most pages, or by clicking here.
    • Create Your About My Practice Page - This will be held in approval until you earn enough points to be listed.
  • **IMPORTANT** Please do not post simply to earn points, your posts must be relevant and useful to our community - your account will be disabled for abuse of this service (see our terms of use for full details).
  • **CERTAIN LOCATIONS PROHIBITED**  It should also be noted that practitioners from a few select locations may not be allowed to list their practices.  This is to avoid unintended confusion between clients in the areas where we and our affiliated colleagues practice.
  • Your Posts Are Immediately Available To Over Half A Million Readers Each Month, They May Be Sent Out Through Facebook Reaching Thousands Instantly, and Possibly Included In Our Newsletters Which Reach Many More Thousands of Readers.  Thank you for your contributions and helping our mission to aid the world in their understanding and utilization of our medicine.