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CAM Practitioner News and Research July 2009

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Sleep Links To Blood Pressure - Theory and Acupuncture Treatment of Hypertension and Insomnia
by Chad J. Dupuis, L.Ac.
Not getting enough sleep? This is a common problem in many parts of the world, perhaps more so in western developed countries where overwork and lack of rest are often seen as the way to obtain success in your career. Many are aware, at least at a gut level, that poor sleep and lack of sleep are bad for us. And most health care professionals are aware of the many processes in the body related to healing that will not happen unless people have a certain duration and depth of sleep... Read More...

In Our Forums (Bunions):
Among our forum posts this month we received a question about the treatment of bunions. My response to the reader describes our treatment methods for this condition... What Are Yours?

Want To Grow Your Practice?
InlineWant to grow your practice and contribute to the wealth of information available to the millions interested in acupuncture and other therapies? We invite all who haven't yet joined us to join our practitioner directory and contribution system. Joining puts your practice into the eyes of our many readers and allows you to contribute your passion and skills to a world of interested readers... Upgrade Information...

Herbs That Anchor and Calm The Spirit
by Chad J. Dupuis, L.Ac.
We are nearing completion of our TCM Herbal Database section of individual herbs. The most recent section added was the herbs that anchor, settle, and calm the spirit. The individual herb pages are open for comments and we encourage you to share your usages of these herbs within this section. A formula database is forthcoming... Read More...

Current CAM Research
by Chad J. Dupuis, L.Ac.
Our monthly research synopses contain select research articles from a variety of sources that are of interest to the public and practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This month we discuss the effect of acupuncture on parkinsons, understanding mechanisms of pain control with acupuncture, acupuncture for sciatica, effectiveness of computer based smoking cessation programs, CAM practitioner responsibilities for fostering lifestyle change, and the use of CAM modalities among nurses in a clinical care setting. Research The Details...

HR 646 Federal Acupuncture Coverage Act - Needs Your Support
by Chad J. Dupuis, L.Ac.
There is an important bill in the US House of Representatives which would include acupuncture within the medicare program. The passing of this bill would free the way for acupuncture coverage by other insurers to enable greater access to acupuncture across the US... Read More...

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