The original source of TCM meridian system

    I believe the TCM theory is basic on meridian theory, and the meridian theory is basic on astronomy and Geography. 

   In TCM theory, human being's body is connected by the environment sky and earth, the stars like the points on the body is the energy field spread condtion, and it is the same as the energy field condition on the earth.

   Ancient Chinese found and made 12 longitudes and latitudes on the earth to locate the earth condition on the earth map, the same, put them on the sky to locate the star system on the sky map. And they found the human body also has the same meridian system, 12 meridians and Dai meridians, the meridians system is for locate the acupuncture points on body, shows the human body's energy field condition. The star energy move in the sky like the Qi move in body's meridian system from point to point, they have certainly orbits. To coordinate the body's energy movement to sky stars energy movement can help body health condtion, because in TCM theory, there is a sentence said: sky and human is one unite(天人合一), that mean human body energy system is same as universe energy system, same move steps, if the body qi movement go upset or blocked not follow the same steps of universe stars movement orbits, the human body will be sick, so the acupuncture is through stimulate the points on body meridian system, to adjust the Qi movement cooperate to the universe energy frequency for body health. 







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