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What is Qi in TCM?

In TCM, "Qi" is one of the basic substances that constitute the human body and life-sustaining activities.

In biology, energy is an attribute of all biological systems from the biosphere to the smallest living organism. Within an organism it is responsible for growth and development of a biological cell or an organelle of a biological organism. Energy is thus often said to be stored by cells in the structures of molecules of substances such as carbohydrates (including sugars), lipids, and proteins, which release energy when reacted with oxygen in respiration.

Treating Low Testosterone with Chinese Medicine (Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion)

Similar to large numbers of people being told they have low vitamin D in recent years, there appears to be a similar increase in men being told that they have low testosterone.  For better or worse many cultures, ours included, often seem more concerned with finding a way to increase testosterone (i.e. aspects of strength and virility) vs.

What Does Acupuncture Treat? Or Treating The “Cause” And Not The “Symptoms”...

Before we get into details the crux of this article can be summed up in one statement...  Chinese Medicine treats patterns of illness that can contain any number of symptoms/western conditions whereas generally western medicine is symptomatic/condition based.  This is an important distinction to have in mind when you are are considering using Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina massage, etc.) for your ailments.

Twelve merdians diagnosis

                                                       Twelve  meridians Diagnosis

The Purpose of our Practice - Sun Ssu-Miao, Maimonides, and Practitioners of Chinese Medicine

As practitioners of Chinese Medicine we know that we are offering something unique. Day after day we see patients heal with help from the tools offered by our medicine. Often these patients have failed to respond to any other treatment - traditional or “alternative.” The techniques and knowledge we share are drawn from the collective wisdom accumulated by generations of practitioners. A wisdow that has also been tested by generations of patients. As practitioners, we are simply conduits of this information perhaps adding our own jewels from time to time.

The meaning of "Dan Tian" of Qi Gong

      What is Dan Tian in Qi Gong?  Dan means energy center, Tian means field, Dan Tian means energy field center.

      In Qi Gong we have upper Dan Tian, middle Dan Tian and lower Dan Tain. Upper Dan Tian is in Yin Tang location, it is also called spirit center, middle Dan Tian is in Ren 17 location, it is also called Qi center, lower Dan Tian is in Ren 4 location, it is also called essent center.

New pulse diagnosis' position

Cun: for upper jiao organs' diagnosis

Guan: for middle jiao organs' diagnosis

Chi: for lower jiao organs' diagnosis

        Left hand                  Right hand

Cun: L. Lu & Ht               R. Lu & Pc

Five internal organs Yin Yang energy relationship

        Yin             Name           Yang

       Blood           Liver              Fire

 Water /  Blood  Heart           Fire

Update new 12 meridians schedule(new Zi Wu Liu Zhu)







Update new Zi Wu Liu Zhu(found big mistake on TCM text book of the meridian direction)



Meridians            Direction  Energy(Qi)        Schedule                        Start Point   End  Point

New meridian schedule is better than original schedule

As we knew, the original meridian schedule is basic on <Nei JIng> - < Ling Shu> ( Ying Qi Pian


sixteenth), But, there are only collected separate sentences, not a detail describe the meridian schedule


sentences, even not describe the list of meridians names, just collected some sentences by younger


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