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The original source of TCM meridian system

    I believe the TCM theory is basic on meridian theory, and the meridian theory is basic on astronomy and Geography. 

   In TCM theory, human being's body is connected by the environment sky and earth, the stars like the points on the body is the energy field spread condtion, and it is the same as the energy field condition on the earth.

The diagnosis in TCM and Western Medicine

The diagnosis in TCM and Western Medicine

About the 5 elements ?

On the north half of earth, the South is warmer than the North, so ancient Chinese people believe the fire elements is on the South, the ice(water) elements is on the North. The sun is come out from East and go down at West, the trees(wood) need face the sun to get warmer and growing strong, so people believe the wood element is from East, because metal is heavy and cooler than wood, so when the sunset, the temperature is cooler of the day, Sun is heavy down at west side, so people believe the metal elements is on the west side.

The diagnosis important steps

First, the doctor should get the patient’s illness history information:

When the patient’s mind is clear, the doctor should talk with the patient and inquiry the patient to get answer about his/her feeling of the illness include symptom and sign, from these information to get the beginning diagnosis or impression.


Second, the doctor should check the patient’s body to get physical examination:

Science and Open-mindedness

I studied western science in college and spent considerable time in various labs.  Over some period of time, I learned that the deeper value of science, at least philosophically, is in its systemic way of evaluating/criticizing the results and hence getting nearer to the "truth."  However, science is not the truth in itself. Even Newtonian Physics, considered by many to be absolutely correct for the past several hundred years, have been proven otherwise in the last century.

Tools for Reading Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research

The care of our health is a complex endeavor. Whether we make it that way or our bodies and environments are changing in complex ways, I'm not sure. What I do know is that there is a tremendous amount of information out there about health, this along with a huge amount of misinformation, marketing propaganda, and many good willed people sharing their stories of success regardless of how odd their approach may seem.

Sleep Links To Blood Pressure - Theory and Acupuncture Treatment of Insomnia and Hypertension

Not getting enough sleep? This is a common problem in many parts of the world, perhaps more so in western developed countries where overwork and lack of rest are often seen as the way to obtain success in your career. Many are aware, at least at a gut level, that poor sleep and lack of sleep are bad for us. And most health care professionals are aware of the many processes in the body related to healing that will not happen unless people have a certain duration and depth of sleep.

Complications of Diabetes and Fostering Lifestyle Change

Type II diabetes is a lifestyle oriented condition which, in many cases, is tied directly to obesity, poor dietary choices, and lack of exercise. While there are pharmaceutical treatments available, they do not offset many of the complications of diabetes nor do they foster proper lifestyle changes which can eliminate the need for medications. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other alternatives are used extensively in the treatment and management of diabetes and related complications.

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The Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a scientifically founded tool for improving our physical and psychological well-being. Many people incorrectly assume that meditation has something to do with various eastern religions or other more esoteric systems of belief. Meditation is an important aspect of Buddhism and Taoism, but also of all religious traditions including Christianity where it plays a vibrant role in certain denominations and within commonly practiced techniques such as the Christian Centering Prayer.

Is Acupuncture Chinese?, A Pseudoscience?, A Religion?

For many people when they begin to think about acupuncture it can all appear quite foreign.  Outside of the problems people generally have considering needles placed into their body, concepts such as Yin and Yang, Qi, and the "meridians" often mislead people into thinking acupuncture is a sort of pseudoscience alternative medicine.  And if you add in another common misunderstanding - that acupunctur

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