Exploring the "how" of acupuncture - infrared radiation spectrum to illustrate point activity

Many of my patients often ask me "how" acupuncture works.  I tell them we simply do not know but there are many deep physical, chemical and hormonal changes that are prompted by acupuncture that are very difficult to study in a linear fashion.  Another aspect of "how" acupuncture works is how did our anscestors find the points to begin with?  What was it that drew them to these very specific spots and how on earth did they know what to use them for.  Even though Chinese Medicine is quite old it's not old enough for it to be in such a useful state as it is now if it was sheer chance and trial and error.  There seems to be something that people were able to pick up on that we may or may not be able to do in modern times.

Researchers from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine recently conducted a study using infrared radiation spectrum analysis at a specific acupuncture point to see if they could see differences between healthy and imbalanced people at that point.  Researchers used the acupuncture point LU 9 which has many uses but can be effective in asthma and other lung related issues.  They recruited a number of healthy volunteers and those with asthma and then checked the wavelengths at those spots.  

They found significant differences between the healthy volunteers and those with asthma both in right and left differences and differences between the two groups.  They concluded that these observable changes in the infrared spectrum at this point may illustrate patients with internal issues. In their words "certain acupuncture points may be related to specific organs."

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Exploring the "how" of acupuncture - infrared radiation spectrum


         I am a biophoton therapist and have the ability to measure the affects of infrared and zero-point energy  on both the acupuncture sight and the meridians, I have also checked the effects of quality and quantity over time to see if the treatments would last over a short period of time, 1-3  days and a  week. It is a very interesting  study and the results are allowing me to help clients schedual thier next appointment to thier best advantage.If only we were privy to the  equipment that would allow us to track illnesses back to the cause. I have one client that came for chronic low back pain and was able to track the hip pain back to a broken ankle. Once the bioenergy in the ankle was repaired the reacuring low back pain disappeared.

    I believe the infrared zero-point and biophoton energies provide the energy in the sight treated and the body is then able to heal itself. Blockages in the energy pathways cause pain and illness. Over thousands of year the healers have tracked the energy pathways and have made this wonderful knowledge available to the world. Technology is great and it is deseratly needed in todays stressful toxic enviorment, people have become exausted and the body to tired to heal itself


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