International Order Request (Outside of the US)

We regularly ship items from our store globally. However, the shipping costs on our order page are automatically calculated for the United States. For orders outside of the US, we ask that you do not use the shopping cart function, rather, submit the following written request to us.  After submission we will email back with an invoice within 2 business days payable via our paypal account.  This is largely done to save you money on shipping which is hard for some countries to automatically calculate.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee any international shipment.  We rarely have problems but if your package is returned to us from your countries customs department or postal service you will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

Please enter the products and quantities that you are interested in purchasing.  ***Please*** check our site to make sure we have what you are looking for.  If we do not have the product listed on our site we do not have it available to ship.

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Refund Policy & Herbal Notice

  • Please note that due to the unique nature of our products we have a strict no return policy.  Please be certain of what you ordering before you complete the checkout and if you have any questions contact us and/or ask in our forums before purchasing.  For our complete policy, read our terms of use, which you agree to by using our site.
  • Additional Herbal Notice:  *Pian?, Wan?: Wan means ball and Pian means tablet. As an example, "You Gui Wan" and "You Gui Pian" are the -exact- same formula.  In activeherb products will be always ship pian, unless we only have wan in stock.  Most other formulas are available in wan only and most of the larger more concentrated herbs are in capsules
  • For most "wan/pian" formulas we use one of two major suppliers and will ship what we have in stock. We try to keep our product description and graphics up to date, but for products with supply issues the picture and/or description may vary from the product shipped.   While the brands we use are clinically similar in our opinion, if you have a very strong need for a particular brand, please contact us in advance before ordering.  On the site we often use wan in our formula names, regardless of the pill type, as it is a common way to describe a formula.