TCM Herbal Formula Database (Formulas That Start With "B")

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers an extremely valuable, rich, lengthy, and extensive herbal treatment history. Within it are thousands of years of development and research which we benefit from greatly today. As opposed to some forms of herbalism and western medicine, Chinese herbs are often used in formulas instead of being used singularly in larger amounts. Formulas allow you to blend herbs to enhance their positive effects and reduce or eliminate any negative side effects they may have. These formulas take years and years of practice to master and many are kept within families and or generations of teacher-student transmissions. This rich tradition is a very valuable gift from previous generations.

The true benefit of this herbal tradition, as with acupuncture, is that it allows practitioners to blend formulas to match each patient and their signs and symptoms exactly. Instead of having a standard formula for a particular condition you can increase the clinical effectiveness of the herbs through this tailoring. For the patient this ideally means faster results with less side-effects.

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal formula database contains usage information for a number of the most often used formulas in clinical settings around the world. You should never attempt herbal treatment without proper training as some of the herbs are toxic and need to be prepared correctly and others can have side-effects without being used in proper amounts and/or mixed properly into appropriate formulas.

You may view the herbal formulas by clicking on the first letter of the Chinese Name or by searching through other groupings such as functional groupings.

This section is very much a work in progress, so please check back if you are not finding the formula information you are looking for.

TCM Herbal Formulasort icon General Indications
Ba Zhen Wan - Eight Treasure Combination - TCM Herbal Formula

Pale complexion, fatigue, low stamina, light headedness, vertigo, palpitations (may be frequent), anxiety, poor appetite, reduced energy for speaking.

The Pulse will be thin and frail or large and weak and the Tongue will be pale with a white coat.

Bai He Gu Jin Wan - Lily Bulb to Preserve the Metal - TCM Herbal Formula

For lung and kidney yin deficiency with signs such as dry cough, possibly with blood streaked sputum, dry and sore throat, heat in the five palms, nightsweats, wheezing.

The Pulse will be thin and rapid and the Tongue will be red with little coating.

Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan - Pinellia, Atractylodis and Gastrodia Combination - TCM Herbal Formula

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Ban Xia Hou Po Wan - Pinellia & Magnolia Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

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Ban Xia Xie Xin Wan - Pinellia Drain Epigastrium Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

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Bao He Wan - Curing Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

Useful for overeating, over drinking and/or eating contaminated food.  Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, belching, reflux, nausea, vomiting, aversion to food, possibly diarrhea.

The Pulse will be slippery and the Tongue will often have yellow, greasy tongue coating.

Bao Ji Wan - Po Chai Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

Empirical formula for food poisioning.  Also useful for overeating, excessive drinking - over indulgence in general.  Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, belching, reflux, nausea, vomiting, aversion to food, possibly diarrhea.

Bi Yan Wan - Nose Inflammation Tablets - TCM Herbal Formula

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Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang Wan - Great Yang Restoration Pills - TCM Herbal Formula

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Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan - Tonify the Middle and Augment the Qi Formula - TCM Herbal Formula

For Spleen and Stomach Qi Deficiency - spontaneous sweating, aversion to cold, desire for warm beverages, shortness of breath, intermittent fever, weak speech/low voice, weak limbs, loose/watery stools.

The Pulse will be deficient and rootless in the spleen position or simply deficient overall and the Tongue will be pale with a thin white coat.