TCM Stroke Treatment Theory

In the case of stroke, Chinese medicine plays both a preventative and a rehabilitative role. In its prevention role, Chinese medicine is used to treat many of the common risk factors for stroke, such as hypertension and diabetes. In its rehabilitative role, Chinese medicine is used to treat the effects of stroke. Accordingly, Chinese medicine is useful for side effects such as paralysis, speech issues, muscle weakness/flaccidity, etc.

From a TCM Theory perspective, stroke is related to the Liver, Spleen and Kidney systems. The predisposing factors for stroke may take years to develop and are often the result of emotional and physical strain, overwork, poor diet and lack of relaxation. These lifestyle habits deplete the body of vitality which often leads to an accumulation of Phlegm and/or Wind. Over time these internal factors of phlegm and wind build to varying degrees and may culminate in a stroke.

Phlegm is the result of the Spleen being weakened by a poor diet and/or physical/mental strain. An accumulation of Phlegm disrupts the smooth flow of Qi within the body and may result in symptoms such as poor concentration/muddled thinking, and/or numbness of the limbs. Over time this Phlegm will stagnate and transform into Phlegm-heat which may rise to the head and ultimately cause a stroke.

Wind is often the result of emotional and mental strain coupled with a lack of relaxation and poor dietary habits. Too much stress in life can deplete the Yin of both the Kidneys and the Liver which can lead to Wind rising up and causing a stroke or symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches, emotional issues, etc.

The treatment theories for stroke are divided into two main categories - those that effect the muscles/channels (generally mild) and those that effect the internal organs (more serious). The internal channel differentiations are further subdivided into a general deficiency pattern or an excess one. In clinical practice, patients will often have a mix of deficiency and excess symptoms. Additionally, as patients with more severe strokes move into the rehabilitation stage they will be treated according to the muscles/channels differentiations which deal with the side effects of a stroke.

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In TCM, the stroke include

In TCM, the stroke include organ stroke and meridian stroke, the organs stroke include liver & heart fire up, and kidney yin def. with kidney yang fire floating up. The liver & heart fire up will leading the Qi and blood going up, fire can make body liquid become phlegm cover brain's energy channel cause stroke. The kidney yin def. to empty, can not hold kidney yang fire energy, cause empty heat floating on face, but limbs are cold, body suddently lose energy sourse become stroke. The meridian stroke on face also called bell's palsy, it is wind cold disturb the face meridians cause Qi and blood stagnation. The other meridian stroke is half body can not move regular, it is come from the organ stroke the liver wind phlegm cover the body merdians.