TCM Tinnitus Treatment Theory

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers a number of causes in the case of tinnitus. Trauma, dietary habits, emotions and certain lifestyle habits can all play a role in tinnitus. Below are some of the more common causes from a TCM perspective:

  • Emotional strain, anger, frustration leading to LV fire or LV yang rising - usually sudden onset and loud ringing.
  • Excess sadness/grief leading to stagnation in the upper warmer - weak Qi in chest which doesn't rise to nourish the head.
  • Excessive sex a/or overwork - weakens KD - usually low pitch ringing but can be high.
  • Old age - weakens KD Jing - gradual onset w/low pitch.
  • Dietary habits - excessive damp/greasy/irregular eating leads to Phlegm which prevents the rising of clear Qi to the head.
  • Trauma - exposure to loud sounds - excess type, suddent onset, loud ringing, aggravated by cupping hands over the ears.

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