Comparison of Acupuncture Techniques in Stroke Recovery

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Comparison of Acupuncture Techniques in Stroke Recovery

Published on 05-24-2010

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A recent study from researchers at the Department of Acu-moxibustion in the College of Chinese Medicine in China looked at differences in effectiveness between using auricular, scalp, and body points in the recovery of patients who have had acute cerebral infarction (ACI).

As we know from both clinical experience and previous studies acupuncture can be very useful in improving recovery from stroke.  There are, however, many different techniques including the use of auricular points, scalp acupuncture, and traditional body acupuncture points.  While there are many practitioners who get clinical results with any or all of these techniques - along with associated CM techniques such as herbal medicine, tuina, etc. - this study found better results from auricular and scalp points vs. body points.


Treatment was offered once daily for 14 days and they found improvement in all 3 groups with the ear and scalp showing statistically better results overall.

In clinical reality some practitioners do use auricular or scalp points exclusively but most practitioner who would use body points would also use at least some scalp points.  Further studies may highlight a greater improvement with these methods together than using them individually.  

The study highlighted in this article is:  Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 2010 Feb;35(1):56-60.  Effect of penetrative needling of otopoints combined with body acupuncture on limb myodynamia and neurofunction in patients with acute cerebral infarction.  Li CF, Jia CS, Li XF, Shi J, Dou ZZ, Sun P.  Section of Acu-moxibustion of the 3rd Hospital, Department of Acu-moxibustion, College of Chinese Medicine, China.

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