Tong Ren Therapy - Preliminary Research Study

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Tong Ren Therapy - Preliminary Research Study

Published on 04-18-2009

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As mentioned elsewhere on the site, researchers from Harvard Medical School, Virginia Commonwealth School of Medicine and Emory University conducted a survey analysis of Tong Ren Therapy participants to gauge whether further research would be warranted.  

The study was published in the 2009 Complementary Health Practice Review journal (Vol. 14, No. 1, 19-35).  Below is an abstract of their study:

"Tong Ren (TR) is an untested energy healing modality with anecdotally-reported effectiveness for a variety of disorders. Study objective: To describe participant reports of effectiveness and safety. Design: Cross-sectional, anonymous survey. Setting: Weekly group sessions in the Northeast US. Participants: Adults attending group sessions. Measures: Changes in conditions attributed to TR. Results: Response rate 89% (n = 265). Cancer (30.6%), endocrine/autoimmune (17.5%) and musculoskeletal disorders (17.2%) were the most commonly reported conditions. Among respondents who had attended more than one session (n = 216), 30% used superlatives (e.g., ``amazing'') to describe TR's impact, and one-third noted improved quality of life. No adverse effects were described. Anxiety, depression, cancer, and autoimmune disorders appeared to have the greatest treatment responses, with 63.8%, 61.0%, 60.3%, and 58.1% of participants with these conditions reporting substantial improvements. Conclusion: This first study documenting self-reported effects of TR shows subjective benefits and no adverse effects. Further research on this approach is warranted."

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