Treatment of Leukemia with Tong Ren Therapy

The following article, a reprint from Tom Tam, covers the treatment of Leukemia with Tong Ren Therapy.  For a general introduction to Tong Ren, please read the introductory brochure.

According to a report from the Leukemia Society of America, there were approximately 140,000 leukemia patients in the U.S in 1998. The overall five-year survival rate for leukemia patients is 42 percent. The five-year survival rate for leukemia has tripled in the last thirty-eight years. In 1960, the survival rate was 14 percent. People with acute leukemia usually die within months, while individuals with the chronic types may survive only a few years. The overall five-year survival rate for children with acute lymphocytic leukemia was 80 percent in 1998. In 1960, the survival rate was very low, only 4 percent. In 1998, 21,600 patients in the United States died from leukemia, approximately 12,000 males and 9,600 females, with an estimated 4,800 deaths from chronic lymphocytic leukemia and 1,300 deaths from acute lymphocytic leukemia. Chronic myelogenous leukemia accounted for an estimated 2,400 deaths and acute myelogenous leukemia accounted for another 6,600 deaths. Other forms of leukemia accounted for an additional 6,500 deaths.

In my professional life as an acupuncturist and healer, I have treated a large number of leukemia patients and the success rate has been very high. More than 90 percent of leukemia patients feel much better after one treatment. Compared to other types of cancer, leukemia is the easiest to treat and the success rate is the highest with the use of Tong Ren or Chi Gong therapy. I still cannot explain why energy healing is the most effective treatment for leukemia. Maybe it is due to the fact that leukemia affects only blood cells and there is no tumor involved. There is no need for the healing energy to work on any tumor cells; it only needs to revert the blood cell production back to a normal functioning state. I always feel very sad and sorry when I read stories in the Chinese newspapers about the possibility of young leukemia patients dying if they cannot find suitable bone marrow donors, especially with the knowledge that a bone marrow transplant may be made in vain, because there is no guarantee that it can save the patient’s life. There is a low percentage of success and the death rate for bone marrow transplant patients is quite high. I hope that the day will come when Tong Ren healing will become popular, and the lives of many leukemia patients will be saved.

Leukemia is a form of cancer involving bone marrow and blood. It is defined as an uncontrolled growth of blood cells. There are four types of leukemia: acute myelogenous, chronic myelogenous, acute lymphocytic, and chronic lymphocytic. The terms myelogenous or lymphocytic represent the type of cells involved. In Tong Ren healing, no matter what type of leukemia, the treatment is the same.

Acute leukemia progresses rapidly and results in the accumulation of immature, non-functioning cells in the bone marrow and blood. The bone marrow does not produce enough normal red and white blood cells and platelets. Anemia, a deficiency of red blood cells, develops in all leukemia patients. A lack of normal white blood cells hampers the body’s immune system, and a shortage of platelets causes bruising and bleeding. Chronic leukemia progresses at a slower rate since it allows the production of a larger number of mature functioning cells.

Early signs of chronic lymphocytic leukemia may be fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, labored breathing, low-grade fever, a feeling of fullness in the abdomen due to an enlarged spleen, and night sweats. Bacterial infections such as skin infections, fluid in and inflammation of the lungs, and inflammation of the sinuses often occur. As the disorder advances, the patient loses the ability to fight off infections; the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes may steadily increase in size. With patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, there may also be invasion on other tissues such as the skin, eye socket, mucous membrane lining the inside of the eyelids, the lungs, and the sacs that line the chest, the heart, and the gastrointestinal tract. Swelling of any part of the body and a yellow pigmentation of the skin may also occur.

With Western medicine, the cause of leukemia is unknown as in the case of all other types of cancer. Leukemia may afflict anyone; it strikes people of all ages and both sexes. Although chronic exposure to benzene in the workplace and exposure to extraordinary doses of radiation may be causes of the disease, for most cases the cause is still unknown.

Although one knows the cause of leukemia, within my healing system, I have discovered one common phenomenon with patients with all types of leukemia – a blockage at T7 and T8 on the right hand side, as well as a big blockage on T1 on either side or both sides. I have treated some babies and children who had leukemia, and discovered that they had the same blockages as the adults, around T7 and T8 on the right side. From all of my examinations, I found that all leukemia patients have the same blockages, regardless of age and sex. Why do babies have leukemia? No explanation can be provided by western medical logic or philosophy. Can external factors such as chemicals, radiation, and viruses be causing mid-spinal blockages for infants with leukemia? In terms of my blockage theory, a blockage may have developed in a newborn baby because of an injury during delivery, or from its position in the womb during pregnancy. In the latter case, the posture could have an adverse effect on the baby’s health. After a Tong Ren treatment, a medical examination may confirm that the child or the baby is leukemia-free. However, most doctors would still recommend a bone marrow transplant and/or chemotherapy for the patient “just in case.” Although this “just-in-case” treatment is risky, the family’s unwavering trust in the doctor and fear often influence the decision for further medical treatments. Could children and babies refuse these treatments?

With leukemia, there is no tumor, but the blood cells are immature, meaning that the blood cells are being produced too quickly. It takes time for any type of cell production to take place. Otherwise the cells will develop immaturely. It is like wine not having been aged long enough. This problem could be the result of an overactive spleen and pancreas. The body needs activation energy or biological agents for the production of blood cells. In Chinese, we call this energy “Chi”. A deficiency in biological agents or Chi causes the production of immature blood cells. To check the flow of bioelectricity, we need to examine BL9 on the right side. As far as organs are concerned, we should check T1, the bone marrow point, and T7 and T8, the blood points. So far, all of my leukemia patients have blockages at these points.

Tong Ren is the best treatment for leukemia, but many patients would doubt this fact. We apply the Triple Warmer theory using the laser beam on the doll at the Middle Warmer point CV12 and/or on the right side. Before the treatment, we should observe the patient’s complexion. Most patients would look pale. After two to three minutes, the color of the face should turn red, indicating a flow of Chi and the blood circulating. During the treatment, the patient should have an overall feeling of relaxation and warmth. This means that blood and Chi are moving within the body. If the patient feels weak, after ten minutes of laser beam directed to the Middle Warmer, we can turn the laser beam onto the Lower Warmer CV6 to charge the Lower Dantian with energy. Sometimes we can use the hammer to stimulate BL9 and T1 on the doll. This can open the medulla and cerebellum area, which is the passageway for bioelectricity. We should also check C1 on the left.

Treatment with acupuncture includes stimulating T1 and T2 mostly on the right-hand side, and also T7 and T8 on the right hand side, SP6, SP10 and LI 11. Besides Tong Ren Therapy, Chi Gong treatment and Pi Gu are additional treatments which can be used for treating leukemia. They can be used on their own or one can use a combination of Tong Ren, Chi Gong Therapy and Pi Gu. Tong Ren treatment for leukemia yields good results, but we still need medical examinations to monitor the progress of the healing. One should be cautious with the suggestion of acupuncture treatments. Even if one is a licensed acupuncturist, patients may not trust the needles, fearing possible infection. I have been using needles on all of my leukemia patients without any infections or complications. Chi gathers around the acupuncture points where the needles are used. This will in fact prevent continuous bleeding. Acupuncture needles are as safe as a surgeon’s knife or a hypodermic syringe. However, some patients do not have faith in what we do, so we should respect the decision of the patients. If they fear the loss of blood from the use of acupuncture needles, we should use treatments without any physical contact, such as Tong Ren therapy, Pi Gu or Chi Gong treatment.

Diet is another important factor in treating leukemia, especially with most patients who consume diet sodas, which is not recommended. This only aggravates the situation. I highly recommend that patients increase the amount of red meat or any meat they consume, since the patient needs to replenish the blood cells lost from either leukemia or the treatments used to combat the disease. Many patients supplement their diets with a combination of various vitamins and minerals. It is better to correct deficiencies in the diet with whole foods instead of pills, but many people tend to trust pills more than real food. If we are certain that we have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, we may use supplements as a remedy, but this dependency should not last a lifetime long. Patients should consult a physician or nutritionist for dietary and supplement advice, and should not rely on advertisements or recommendations from health food stores.

Exercise is another important factor in the treatment of leukemia. Many leukemia patients are too weak to move, but they could meditate or practice a simple and easy form of Chi Gong (such as my Tai Chi Dao Yin Gong). If possible, gentle stretching around the T1 and T7 areas can help open the blockages. For a child, the parent or an adult can massage T1 and T7 about five to ten minutes a day.

With Tong Ren laser beam treatment for leukemia, we put the laser beam on ST21 (Rt) or T1. If the patient is willing to do Tong Ren on himself/herself, s/he could use the laser beam as a part of the daily healing. During each self-healing session, the patient should put the laser beam on for 15 to 20 minutes. During the laser beam treatment, the patient should be totally relaxed and should not be doing anything. Meditation, listening to my Chi Gong Healing CD (due for release early 2008) or meditating while listening to my Chi Gong Healing CD is all right. With or without the meditation or CD, the patient will receive Chi from the universe while the laser beam is on.

Tong Ren Discing can also be used to open blockages in the treatment of leukemia. Within the Tom Tam Healing System, T1 is linked with bone marrow, which is responsible for producing blood cells. With leukemia patients, we usually see a puffy area or some mark on the skin around the T1 area. Even a baby who has leukemia has the same blockage as an adult. When Discing is performed, the patient could sit down on a chair or lay down in a comfortable position. In order to do Discing, it is necessary to involve three or more therapists.

The first step is to put the disc on the top of the head covering GV22 and BL6 to activate the hormonal area. During the Discing session, the patient may feel warmth on the head, which may flow down to the arms or chest as a wave. The energy then travels downward inside the body. After a few minutes of opening up the energy flow in the head and charging the head with Chi, put the disc onto T1, which is the bone marrow point so as to open the energy blockage. When the disc is at T1, the patient may feel Chi flowing down the spinal column. The last step is to open the blockages at T7 and T8 and charge the area with Chi. Most blockages are on the right hand side. If a patient is undergoing chemotherapy or taking drugs prescribed by their doctors, we could use Discing on the kidney area (L2) to clean out the toxins. The whole Discing treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Tong Ren Therapy with Electricity (TENS Units)

Following is an article republished from Master Tom Tam that discusses new techniques in Tong Ren Therapy which utilize TENS units to administer electrical current for healing.

This is a Western technology commonly used in physical therapy. The TENS machine uses low voltage electricity to stimulate muscles and tendons. Some small TENS are used to stop the pain from muscular injury. This tiny machine can be carried on the body. The difference between the physical therapist’s and the acupuncturist’s approach is the connection. The physical therapist uses rubber electrodes, some use the self adhesive TENS electrodes and others use the rubber electrodes with conductive gel. Both of these electrodes conduct with the skin. When the low voltage of electricity is passing through the skin from the rubber electrodes, the muscle will jump with the current of frequency from the TENS. This is electrical stimulation to the muscle. Later, the rubber electrodes add a magnet becoming rubber magnetic electrodes. This method uses electricity and the magnetic field together.

In acupuncture, using the lead wire from the TENS connects with the acupuncture needles immediately. This technique uses needle stimulation and electrical stimulation at the same time. It is much stronger then using the rubber electrodes and has more of a healing

Most patients believe in the TENS from the physical therapy but not acupuncture, even though they use the same machine. That is from their educational background not their common sense.
In modern acupuncture many acupuncturists like to use this method. Especially for treatment of muscle tightness and tendon problems, this technique can release tension.

In the last twenty years, so many energy healing machines came on the market. Most of them are “TENS” machines. Each healing machine has a miracle healing result with its miracle advertising. Yet how many of them last long on the market? The difference between each machine is the volume and frequency of magnetic electricity. The miracle is not from the frequency and volume, it is where the stimulation point is.

In my healing system, I never use this machine with acupuncture, because this modern technique cannot compare with Tui Na. Yet, lately I use this machine with Tong Ren healing and have witnessed miraculous results. When I use this machine for relaxation, I set the electrical signal to a low frequency below 4 Hz. To open the blockage, I set the frequency above 10 Hz. The low frequency is useful in order to build up the Chi, and the high frequency is best used to open the blockage letting the Chi run freely. Also this electrical healing through Tong Ren can be used in combination with the technique of pointing the laser beam on the doll.
For the individual Tong Ren healing treatment, set the electrical stimulation for 10 – 15 minuets. If the treatment is for relaxation it can run longer.

In the human being’s brain, there are normally 4 different waves. The Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves, and Delta waves. The Beta waves have a frequency range from 12Hz – 38Hz. This brainwave can improve intelligence, mood, focus, emotional stability. It can also speed up metabolism and more. Beta waves cause us to be wide awake and alert to our surroundings. The Beta waves are good for healing ADD.

The Alpha wave frequency range is from 8Hz to 12Hz. These cause relaxation condition while awake. If we want to calm down, relax and feel good, we should keep our brainwaves in the Alpha wave range. When we close our eyes to relax and breathe deeply, the brainwaves will go into the Alpha stage.

The Theta wave is the frequency from 3Hz to 8Hz. It is a very deep relaxation condition or light sleep. When people go into the hypnosis state, the brainwaves will be in the Theta range. When healing insomnia or any other relaxation disorder, we can put the machine in the Theta wave range.

The Delta wave is a healing brainwave. Its range is from 0.2Hz to 3Hz. This is the deep dreamless sleep condition. It is the body healing itself. Delta waves are usually the unconscious stage. Delta waves can be dominant when the body is in the process of self healing around illness or after physical trauma. Healing in this range includes easing chronic pain, reducing migraines, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure.
The highest brainwave is the Gamma wave. Its range is from around 36Hz to 44Hz. Gamma is not often referred to. Gamma is believed to be associated with overall mental cognition and heightened consciousness. It is the organizer of brain. With the Tong Ren therapy, we use the

Gamma frequency to open blockages anywhere in the body, but we never use these high frequency waves to stimulate the head and brain area.

When we use the electricity TENS machine for Tong Ren healing we only pay attention to the ranges of frequency, not the volume. The function of this machine is to guide our frequency for healing.

Using the TENS machine on Tong Ren is simple, just hook up the electricity output cable to the doll with needles. When you practice the electricity TENS with the doll, you must pay attention to the law in your local area. Some States in America require an acupuncture license to legally own acupuncture needles. If this is the case in your area and you are not a license acupuncturist, you can use a map pin or any pin instead of the acupuncture needles, it will have the same effect.

The major difference between this healing with electrical machine and other techniques of Tong Ren healing is the adjustable frequencies.
First, the adjustable frequency affects the Tong Ren practitioner’s brainwaves, which then reflect to the patient for healing. Sometimes the frequency signals can directly affect the patient’s energy when we turn the machine on. After some experience with electrical Tong Ren healing, patients may use this system for self-healing.

It is important not to use a high frequency when initially turning on the machine, as some patients may feel uncomfortable or over-stimulated. If using the Electrical TENS for Tong Ren healing, and high frequency stimulation is needed, begin treatment by using the low frequency range, then slowly increasing to the desired brainwave frequency.

Update:  We now have the TENS units available for sale within our Tong Ren Therapy store.


New Book Editions – Tom Tam Healing System and Tong Ren for Cancer

Two of the more widely-read Tong Ren Therapy texts are now available in new editions.  You can find them within our store.  The Tom Tam Healing System text is now in it’s 7th edition.  This text provides the base theory for our system of healing and is an excellent starting point for beginners.  In it’s 2nd edition, Tong Ren for Cancer, is our theoretical text for our work with cancer. 


Virginia Tech Reiki Club – Tong Ren Presentation

On February 3rd, 2006 the Virginia Tech Reiki Club hosted myself for a Tong Ren Therapy lecture. Long-time reiki practitioners, people who had little or no experience in Chinese Medicine or energy healing and everyone in between was present for the event. Accordingly, my presentation began with some introductory information to Chinese Medicine and the Healing Arts. After the introduction the discussion progressed into details regarding Tong Ren Therapy. The lecture concluded with a hands-on healing session. I am thankful for the opportunity to present our techniques and had a wonderful evening. Thank you.

I have attached my powerpoint presentation from that lecture for those who are interested.

Tong Ren Therapy Instructional Interviews with Seen-yee Lam

In September of 2006 one of our Tong Ren Therapy students in Hong Kong, Seen-yee Lam, was interviewed on TICTV Hong Kong by Stephanie Ho. The interview is in english and provides an excellent introduction to Tong Ren Therapy. Seen-yee, as with many practitioners of Tong Ren, was originally helped herself by the techniques so her personal story is of interest to many viewers. Additionally she is a famous composer in Hong Kong with the intelligence and aptitude to seek out any form of medical treatment she would like. It is a testimony to the effectiveness of Tong Ren when we have creative intelligent people adopting and sharing the techniques so widely as Seen-yee now does.

The videos are in three parts on You-Tube. For a general introduction to Tong Ren you can read our introductory brochure, to find a class near you see our directory of classes, and testimonials can be found here.

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Tong Ren Therapy for Cancer by Master Tam

I am reprinting the following article from Master Tam regarding the use of Tong Ren Therapy for Cancer. In addition to the basic theories this article presents the “disking” practice which has increased the response rate in cancer patients as well as those with other conditions.

Tong Ren healing is becoming more and more popular in the world. Every week, every day, we treat a wide range of difficult diseases worldwide. Countless patients benefit and healed by Tong Ren therapy. Each Tong Ren therapist has his/her own way of healing people. Its healing effect is high, and the cost is low. The Tong Ren technique for healing cancer is simple and easy. Basically there are three major techniques in healing cancer, they are the hammer, laser beam and needle technique. The magnetic hammer technique is a way of stimulating a blockage point on the doll in reference to the person’s illness. This method is simple and easy for any one to practice; it does not need any training or experience, the practitioner just does it. The hammer technique is the major method used in the Tong Ren guinea pig class for healing, as the hammer hitting can vary with the points used on the doll at any time. With the hammer technique the first step is to locate the point on the doll. The beginner can follow the healing chart write down the main point and support point on paper, or mark the point on the doll. On the healing chart, the main point indicates where the energy is blocked at and causing the root of the problem; the support point enhances the effectiveness of the healing. The support point is not mandatory, but the main point is crucial. When we palpitate or press the main point from the chart, usually this point will have an uncomfortable or painful feeling, in TCM theory this is called the ouch point. We need to pay attention to any ouch point, pain point or area. Pain is a signal from the body that indicates where there is an imbalance or where the Chi is static. For example when one has liver cancer, we will find an ouch point at T9 on the right hand side. When a patient has breast cancer, we can easily find an ouch point at T4, on the same side as the tumor. Based on many years of practice and experience, when a person is diagnosed with a specific condition or disease they will have an ouch point that corresponds to certain designated root problem. However, be careful not to mislead a patient by making a diagnosis according to an ouch point. A blockage can sometimes mean just a tight muscle; nothing more, nothing less. Making a diagnosis is a job for medical doctors, specific medical equipment and tests. In our healing we only follow the doctor’s diagnosis to find the blockage or reflex point. We never diagnose a patient’s illness or cancer.

Generally when we use the hammer technique on the doll for healing, the ordinary flow of stimulation is from the top to bottom, like water’s natural flow. Yet, when we stimulate the Sky Window on the location of the common carotid and vertebral artery, the order of stimulation should be from the bottom to top. This is different than when we stimulate the nervous system, because the artery carries blood from the heart which flows through the artery by running up from the heart to the brain. When we finish all the points with the hammer technique, we should hit the doll from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. This allows for the opening and clearing of the Chi in the whole body before we finish the healing session.

Tong Ren therapy is based upon the power of minds creating energy for healing. Its energy source is from the collective unconscious, which is connected to the Super consciousness. When we practice Tong Ren for healing, the mind’s focus comes from our subconscious and unconscious, which means just do it. If we try to focus the mind, this mental focus comes from our conscious mind and not from the unconscious mind. No one can mentally focus when we access our unconscious mind. Unconsciousness is the instinctive mind which doesn’t need to be focused or controlled. The unconscious mind functions as an automatic reaction. This use of the mind with the hammer technique represents the breaking down of blockages which can then let energy pass within the body freely. In the practice of Tong Ren healing, we don’t need to think or focus on the breaking down of the blockage, because the thought has been stored as memory in our subconscious mind already.

Using the hammer technique, we hit points on the doll for about 10 to 15 minutes. As a rule this is enough. Most patients can hit the doll for self healing, but the best way is to ask someone else to do it. Then the patient can fully relax in order to receive the healing energy. Children are better than adults at using the hammer technique, because a child’s mind is more pure than an adult and without resistance. With late stage cancer, daily use of Tong Ren healing is required. With early stage, we can use Tong Ren two or three times a week. If the patient wants to do more, it is ok to do so because Tong Ren healing has no side effects. The more you do the more benefit you receive. Another technique for Tong Ren healing is the use of the laser beam on the doll. The laser beam technique represents heat; the build up of Chi to radiate a tumor, similar to the use of radiation in the hospital. In our mind we have the concept of burning out the tumor. When using the laser beam, we put the light on the tumor area on the doll. Also the laser technique is helpful for charging the energy for treating the side effects from radiation and chemo. The method is simple, just put the light on CV4 or CV6 where the lower Dantian is located. The laser beam technique need only be used on one spot at a time. However, if the patient needs it, more than one laser can be pointed at the doll. A Tong Ren healer has developed a new technique which uses optic fiber with the laser beam; this method can stimulate many points at the same time. The session of healing time with the laser method can be 10 to 20 minutes. Some patients like to put the light on longer; it has no dangerous side effects as well. Some cancer patients put the light on for the whole night which is fine as long as one does not mind wasting batteries. The use of the laser for healing cancer is simple and easy. Just turn the light on and point it on the tumor area. At this time one can do self healing and it does not need to be with a Tong Ren therapist. When the light is on, it is best for the patient to fully relax allowing for more healing power. During a healing session, we do not suggest the patient read a book or watch TV. When using the laser on the doll a patient may feel heat on the face, then the heat may go to the area where the tumor is located. This is called Chi running in the
body. It is important for healing. Someone may feel an opening sensation in the chest and feel deeper and or easier breathing.

In the Tong Ren healing practice, we can use the hammer and laser together. We can use one doll with a laser beam on the tumor area, and another doll with the hammer technique to break down the blockage and to stimulate the support points. This way can save time and have more of an effect. Also we can use the hammer stimulation first, and then use the laser afterward. Each session is about 20 minutes with the combination healing technique.

Another method for Tong Ren healing is the needle technique. In the beginning of Tong Ren healing, we only used the needle technique on the doll for stimulation. Later, because of the law and for political reasons, we developed the hammer and laser technique instead of the needle. In today’s America, in some states, the law is unclear about placing an acupuncture needle in the doll. In some states, even the practice of Chi Gong healing on the doll, requires an acupuncture license. To avoid political problems and legal limitations, I must skip the needle Chi Gong technique on the doll. To be noted, it is rare that a licensed acupuncturist has interest in Tong Ren healing. Most people with interest in Tong Ren healing are the patients or the family members of the patients. The more difficult case, the more interest they have in our healing system, because they realize the benefit of healing from Tong Ren. For the advancement of Tong Ren, allowing it to become more popular and benefit the public, we only focus on the hammer and laser technique.

Tong Ren healing is only a part of the Tom Tam healing system. The point we use to treat cancer can be used with other types of stimulation. If someone doesn’t like using Tong Ren, they can use the same theory and points with acupuncture, Tui Na, Chi Gong healing, Shiatsu, massage, energy healing and so on. Yet, in my own experience, the most powerful and effective healing technique for cancer is Tong Ren rather than other ways of point stimulation. Of course other styles of healing can combine with the Tong Ren healing to treat the cancer. Many times using Tui Na or acupuncture combined with Tong Ren can help further ease and open the blockage. Most acupuncturists don’t believe that Tong Ren is more powerful then the needle technique for healing cancer. In fact, in practice Tong Ren therapy has healed many cancer cases, yet no one has heard any report that acupuncture has healed any of the cancers. Also, in China many studies report that Chi Gong healing has healed some cancers. In the West, we know faith healing, energy healing or religious healing can heal some cancers.

Energy healing without mechanical stimulation can heal cancer, it happens often as people frequently report these experiences through the media. So in Tong Ren practice, we must build up confidence that if energy healing can heal cancer, why not Tong Ren! Tong Ren healing is a form of energy healing, its power is formed from the collective unconscious, which is based on a group of people’s beliefs. Tong Ren’s credibility is built from the experience of positive healing results. As a new patient hears more healing reports from others, they gain strength and confidence which then allows them to have good healing results.

Many cancer patients use chemo, radiation, herbal, mineral, energy healing or other alternative healing. This is a personal choice. Tong Ren healing does not interfere with the results of other methods of healing. We never advise any cancer patients to stop another healing method in order to follow ours. A patient has the right to use any form of healing.

The latest Tong Ren healing technique for cancer is called “discing or disking.” The disking technique requires at least three people to perform. Three people form the collective conscious and collective unconscious. This healing method is more powerful and focused than other Tong Ren healing techniques. Of course the disking technique cannot take the place of others, because each technique has its own function.

The disking technique requires a disc or a dish for the healing. You can use a CD disc, sugar jar lid, tea pot lid, a tea cup lid, or a small saucer. The method requires setting the disc or lid above the ouch point on the doll or directly on the patient, then each practitioner places one or two fingers on the disc or the lid. When we use the doll, we can use the bigger acupuncture model, as a lid is easier to position on it. If we put the lid directly on the patient, the patient can sit or lie down in a comfortable position and relax. When we treat cancer or tumors, ask the patient where the tumor is located, and then let the patient put the lid or disc on top of the tumor.

Before the treatment, we can ask the patient to do an exam by themselves, to press the tumor’s ouch point and remember the size and pain level. After the treatment, they can press the same area to compare the healing effect. This healing technique on the ouch point takes about five minutes; usually the patient should feel a sensation such as tingling, heat, warmth, heavy or achy as in other Tong Ren healing techniques. After we do the tumor point or ouch point with the treatment, we do the spinal blockage point with the same technique. For example, when we treat breast cancer, we first treat the tumor or lump on the breast area, then treat T4 where the blockage causing the breast problem is located. After treating the T4, the next area we can work on is on the head at BL6 and GV22. BL6 and GV22 are the pituitary gland and hormone area in the Tom Tam healing system. The mammary gland is a hormone organ, and controlled by the pituitary gland. When we put the center of the lid on GV22, it automatically covers BL6; we don’t need to separate GV22 and BL6 for the healing. Before treating a breast tumor, the patient can check the size of the lump first if the lump can be found. After the treatment, a recheck of the lump can be done to compare the size. Many times after the treatment, the lump may be smaller or may even have gone away. This method looks like Ouija board practice. In fact in terms of technique they are the same. However, in theory, they are completely different. Each nation has its own way of using the Ouija board for fortune telling. China has used the same method for fortune telling for a thousand years. It is called De Xian in Chinese. De is disk, Xian is immortal or genius. Xian is the highest practice level in Taoism, as the Buddha is the highest level of practice from Buddhism. De Xian is one of the mystic arts of the Taoists. Both the Ouija board and the De Xian are still popular in America and in China for teens, even in this modern time. Each approach has its own way to understand and explain the work of this fortune telling.

The traditional explanation of the mysterious source of the disk’s movement varies: It is from the psychic power of spirit, soul, immortal or angel, even the devil. Our scientific explanation is that the power of movement is from the mental strength of the psyche: the unconscious or collective unconscious. In our disking theory, the healing power of Chi is from the collective conscious and collective unconscious working together. People forget that humans, and any being, have the natural, instinctive ability for self-healing and healing power. If any being loses the healing instinct, eventually it will be unable to survive in the world, a process similar to natural selection. “Human” means, fundamentally, living within a group, profoundly imbued with mind and language communication. When more than three people practice Tong Ren healing together with the disking technique, it will form a collective consciousness. So far there are many people in the world who have already experienced the results and therefore believe in Tong Ren healing. Therefore, this belief is constantly forming the Tong Ren collective unconscious. Each week, each month the Tong Ren collective unconscious keeps growing. This healing power is endless. The more we practice, the more our collective unconscious builds up. As the healing power grows, the healing of cancer and tumors achieves a higher and faster healing rate–the results getting more powerful with our tireless practice! Neither Chi Gong healing or any other energy healing can compare with these results.

Our disking practice is not related to any religion or mystery. Our theory is based on Tong Ren healing, which is the belief in the power of collective unconscious. With Tong Ren disking practice, you don’t need to believe in the Tao, God, Buddha or any religious system; just believe that you yourself have a natural instinct energy for healing which you were born with and which therefore can heal your problem. The power of collective unconsciousness we create through our belief and practice exists in the universe; it is the power of healing. With the Tong Ren disking healing, we don’t need to ask for help from any spirit, soul or angel, the healing power is already stored inside our mind. We don’t believe that only the psychic healer has the special ability to heal-every living being is born with this natural, instinctive healing energy.

The Tong Ren disking healing technique doesn’t only work with the cancer case, it works with other diseases as well.

For more details you may want to read, “Healing Cancer with the Nervous System” by Tom Tam.