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Neuropathy after acupuncture?
Created 05-30-2023 by "anon244558"
Hello, please could you tell me something else about this??? I am in the same situation. Neuropathy symptoms after an acupunture sesion. Please I need help.Thank you (originally posted as a comment to - creating a new topic due to the age of the post).
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Foot Pain
Created 04-28-2023 by "anon8731"
Hello I am a practioner of TCM & have a family member with which i would appreciate your advive with their situation . Could you please suggest a TCM solution / treatment to aid in relief for the following person who is a 94 yrs male suffering from foot pain on the right lateral side beneth & in front of the maleolus which causes sharp unpredictable pain. He has had a CT scan which revealed...
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What is the TCM profile for Keratosis Pilaris?
Created 04-18-2023 by "VaughnHealth"

...content removed by moderator...
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Safety of Long term use of TCM Herbs
Created 03-23-2023 by "Vietfrancesco"
My TCM Dr has put me on differnt herbs for the past 8 to 9 months to remove a bladder growth. Is there a risk of using TCM herbs such as You Gui Wan, Qian Lie Shu Wan, Fu Zheng Wan, Ba Zheng Wan for several months. The herbs have reduced the growth slighlt but I am having turbid colored urine for a number of weeks now. My Dr is happy with the result but...
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Created 03-23-2023 by "Moglee_Radha"
Dear sir, How yin edema changes to yang edema n vice versa? Edema is two type non pitting n pitting type. Non pitting edema are yang type,pitting type is yin type If I am wrong kindly correct me.
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Kidney yin deficiency
Created 01-20-2023 by "Moglee_Radha"
How kidney yin deficiency raised empty heat? Regards Debashis (India)
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Inflammation after acupuncture
Created 01-03-2023 by "anon176466"
Hello I am getting some sessions from an acupuncturist and the point of concern is the pin between the soft tissue of the index finger knuckle and the middle finger knuckle on right hand. It's looking bluish in that area and more painful to acupuncture since the tissue is growing inflamed and tough. She continues to pin it but should I be heating the area to help heal it? Will it cause permanent damage to...
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What is 2nd # for UB points?
Created 01-01-2023 by "VaughnHealth"

My school and textbook didn't explain why there's another # in parentheses on the Bladder Meridian points, such as: B 47 (42) B 51 (46) B 53 (48) etc. What's that about?
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Created 11-24-2022 by "DLynn"
74 year old woman. very dry skin - cracked and bleeding fingers at times knee inflamation tiny bumps on neck (almost like a pimple but smaller. sometimes can be picked off and it's a tiny hard thing.)
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5 Elements chart?
Created 10-11-2022 by "CharlotteM"

Hello I found you online with Karen Kan and have listened to many of your informational broadcasts. I use lifewave patches and would more information on the TCM points, the meridians and the 5 elements you speak of?
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Honeysuckle ok to take with antibiotics?
Created 09-20-2022 by "anon214495"
I have no choice but to go for the antibiotics, but had planned on trying honeysuckle for issues since covid vaccine. I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I have an underlying infection and need to distinguish what is causing what symptoms. Its very complicated. If not honeysuckle, are there any herbs or formulas that can accenuate the effectiveness of antibiotics without negative effects? I have no time to see an acupunturist. Unbelievably my husband...
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Points protocol formulation and needling technique - needle, active needle, tonify, or pacify?? Cupping?
Created 09-14-2022 by "anon240040"
Hello folks, I am working on learning into moving beyond merely needling points in my points protocols when appropriate. Most of the time I will needle, bring de-qi, then just retain the needle for 20-30 minutes. I'm wondering whether it could be usually correct to tonify the points that influence a weak part of the body and pacify those associated with an excess pattern. An example would be liver invading the spleen, to tonify the...
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Created 09-12-2022 by "Mili"
My daughter is diagnosed with dyslexia in her school. She is struggling a lot in studies. Has mental confusion is indecisive and has lost all her confidence. Can you guide me how can I help her . I cannot see her in this star. She is having a lot of difficulties in school . Specially in writing , memorizing , math. And in general she is feeling low confidence and has given up. Please help...
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Tongue diagnosis
Created 09-05-2022 by "anon42568"
Thank you for this awesome website. Its very informative. I am Looking for advice here with tongue diagnosis. My tongue has a thick white coating with a big crack in the middle. The thick white coating goes till the very end of the tongue. Since 2019, I became very weak, and got bloated, had water rentetion, urine incontenince, always fearful, weak digestion and passing undigested food many times, later I found I also had a...
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Created 07-25-2022 by "anon79791"
Hello. I stumbled upon your post on parkinsons chinese medicine yin yang house page. I was diagnosed 4 years ago when i was 45. Just reaching you out to find out about any alternate chinese medicine treatments for bradykinesia you might have tried . Its pretty depressing to have this condition with no clear path to cure. Please suggest some meds
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Origin of "Ion Pumping Cord" term
Created 07-24-2022 by "VaughnHealth"

On this website, the material on the Extraordinary Vessels seems to refer to them as "Ion Pumping Cord." Where, when and how did this term become used as a pseudonym for Extraordinary Vessels?
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Herbs and point used to treat migraine
Created 07-17-2022 by "Chris S"

Hello, I was wondering what your experience was with what acupuncture points are used to treat migraines? Also, are herbals used for migraines too, if so which ones?
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chronic high tension in muscles along the SI meridian; what herbs/diet could soothe
Created 06-24-2022 by "Boingster"
hey yall. i've had a chronic -- and multi-generational -- pattern going on where there's hypertension in the arms, shoulders, neck, jaw, ear along the SI meridian. I've thought for a long time that this pattern is related to being forbidden to respond to verbal rage. I'm doing bodywork and movement things to balance this 'overheat' (it actually feels hot and sour)... ... and I wanted to ask about what other Good Things there may...
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Skin does not heal properly after covid contracted/vaccinated? Is it common?
Created 06-14-2022 by "nguyenbj"
Hi everyone, I have noticed in my family of 4,(2 adults and 2 kids) some concern changes after recovered from Covid 2 months ago. We had a very mild symptoms when having Covid with highnfever of one day for my girls. Myself I was constant vomitting for a day a little cough. My husband were just coughing with nasal discharge and feeling extreme cold for a few days. After that we were feeling normal. However,...
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Created 06-11-2022 by "rebecca45"

Здравейте, не знам тук подходящи ли е да питам. Търся алтернативно лечение зюа Болест на Паркинсон. Бихте ли ми препоръчали някакви билки. Благодаря! (english translation by moderator) Hello, I don't know if it's appropriate to ask here. I'm looking for an alternative treatment for Parkinson's disease. Would you recommend me some herbs. Thanks!
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Dangerous Herbal Mixing
Created 04-27-2022 by "Chris S"

I was wondering what a list of herbs that are dangerous or toxic to mix together. Would love to know which ones are dangerous and why?
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Retinal Detachment, kindly ask for help...
Created 04-22-2022 by "Mohsaninter"

hi, I kindly ask for help, I'm desperate. as a child in my left eye I lost my sight due to trauma. I am 38 years old and now for 8 years the right eye has flashes of light and moving bodies, the vitro has made 2 holes in the retina and they have treated with laser ,, I am afraid for retinal detachment, please help me solve this vitro degeneration, then the retina is...
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What Pathogen or Pattern Causes for Thymoma and Thymic Carcinoma
Created 04-11-2022 by "Chris S"

Has anyone had any experience with Thymoma as a disorder to treat? Be interested in hearing if you have and how you treated it?
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Created 03-21-2022 by "Shzaib"
Greetings dear. Two questions One is, which points are helpful in getting rid of nasal dust allergy (sneezing). Second is, if a person having burning near anus especially when he sits. what does it reflect?
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Question about information on Su Wen and Ling Shu
Created 03-20-2022 by "LenaS"

Hello, I am a student for acupuncture and doing an investigative research. I have been reading the SuWen and Ling Shu in search for references on the TaiYang sindrome. So far have found a bit of information. But would like to know if anybody has read those volumes profoundly and may have some input on which chapters refer to the Tai Yang sindrome? The ones I find are: chapter 7, 31 and 79 from Su...
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