ACU POINTS for swallowing problems

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ACU POINTS for swallowing problems

Published on 03-27-2018

"anon169772" - this is their first post.

can someone give me recommendations for points to treat swallowing problems

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Acupoints: cv 17, cv 23, st 11

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In Chinese Medicine you don’t treat the symptom you treat the underlying diagnostic pattern. So, first you would obtain their diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms - (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”) for more on that.

Even from a western perspective you would need to know why - MS, ALS, other autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, born with a smaller esophagus, allergies, etc. Then that guides your treatment.

Possible acupuncture points to be worked into an overall tailored treatment:

Posted: 03-27-2018

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