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Published on 04-23-2008

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Hi Chad,
I have been using your given treatment and i have to say that the protocol you told me has been revolution in my life, i am absolutely relax and centered.

My depression is gone completely and my severe anxiety was eased up a bit.I

found it very very tough to do anything, i used to have no motivation to do anything even smallest work and not seemd to be able to do anything, then i start using deep breathing exercise, i used to do deep breathing exercises before but did not fully aware of its benfits and the right way of doing it. As i start doing deep slow diaphragmic breathing, my anxiety gone away comletely and i start feeling very easy and relax and had no anxiety or panic doing anything, but then i start feeling having obsessive thoughts they are very week though. I got very active or overactive and restless a bit,i should say, and i had two minor panic attacks in last week, they are very low in intensity but they gave me a fair amount of discomfort.

This development simply turned up side down, all my self treatment program. I thing i want to mention here is, i was doing these deep breathing exercises thrice a day more then 20 minutes each, and as it is the early days practicing it, so i do some mistakes sometimes doing it, like tightening the belly and sometimes tightening the Dantian area.

Is it the deep breathing that made me overactive or is it my abnormal emotional condition.

I used to have these small panic attacks but gone away since i have been using your treatment. Should i stop doing the deep breathing or should i used some more points for panic attacks like UB15 UB17 with the protocol (Saw on the site).



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I'm very happy to hear that you are feeling much better and the protocol was helpful for you. These types of conditions are well treated with acupuncture and appropriate point selection/point areas are crucial to a quick and deep response.

With regards to the breathing, yes, that can definately cause many issues with your system - not least of which is to make your nervous system more active. It is very easy to overdo and/or incorrectly do these breathing exercises. They need to be done very naturally and never forced. Over a longer period of time the breath will regulate and with practice will become very deep, but forcing this in the beginning creates a condition known as the "running fire" within the qigong circles. The signs of this are psychological conditions, anxiety, breathing problems, headaches, etc. usually worsened or at least contributed to by incorrect practice.

The hard thing about this condition is that many people come to these practices (breathing, meditation, tai chi, etc.) because of feeling anxious and then they end up not helping themselves as much as they could due to improper technique. In our tai chi/qi gong classes we rarely teach the breath coordination until later stages - basically at the point where the students are almost doing it correctly naturally.

For you, the breathing exercises may not be helpful, which doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. You just have to do them naturally. You can use the diaphragm, but do not force it, just let it deepen naturally. Some days will be better than others in your practice but over time your breath will go deeper and deeper and you will feel very calm.

For the panic attacks, you need to first eliminate things which are stimulating your nervous system into the fight or flight response and the breathing exercises could easily be contributing. In addition you can focus on the huatuo area of C2, GB 13 (right side), massage KD 1 to descend the energy, and the huatuo of T5 (left side) for the heart rhythm.

Posted: 04-24-2008

Thank you very much Chad for your very quick and really helpful response.

Yes you are right breathing exercises are definitely not for me, actually what happens when i do breathing practice, for 30 minutes to One hour i feel very good , very contented and then i start having heart sinking feeling with intense tension, any way now i am not doing it so feeling much better after doing your points.

As i have come a long way, now i am looking to use your given formula CZ HERBAL FORMULA, previously i was not able to get this product. Can you please tell me what is the dosage, it comes in 120 capsules and for how long should i use it so i can order that much amount.

And one more think, how this sinking heart feelings generated and whether it is the part of that anxiety illness, and normally i am having feelings of tension in the chest but my head is absolutely still.

Thank you very much for your time.


Posted: 04-28-2008

The heaviness in the chest is a common occurence with anxiety. Basically your energy is not descending for whatever reason so it accumulates in the chest and/or the head for some others. As you continue to improve these sensations will disappear. They are also a fairly common side effect of improper breathing practices, so now that you have eased up with those it should be much better.

As for the CZ formula, that is available from our site. I would simply start with one bottle and take it as indicated on the label - it's a one month supply. Many people benefit from a month of the herbs followed perhaps by taking it only on days when you are feeling particularly anxious. Of course, for some people they may take it for 1-3 months initially and then get to that point, but you will know the best course of action based on your own personal response. You can order from our website if you are in the US by going to our store. If you are outside of the US you can request a quote from our international orders form.

Posted: 04-29-2008

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