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Published on 09-18-2007

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Hi Chad,

I was wondering which points in the body produces Cortisol?? Cortisol is a stress hormone and it causes the system for fight or flight it is produced in the amygdala in the brain which creates an intensity on memories, when someone is in traumatic stress it can leave the patient with cognitive impairment,weak bones and insulin resistance. How would you lower the cortisol?? Or increase Cortisol??


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    Thank you for replying so quickly.

    Posted: 09-19-2007

    You have to be careful in Chinese Medicine to correlate treatment points too directly to western conditions and functions. One of the main benefits of Chinese Medicine is it's flexibility and the ability to adapt it to a persons unique set of sign and symptoms. Looking for single point remedies is a good way to miss the strength of Chinese Medicine.

    All that said, stress hormones are strongly related to the Kidney system in Chinese Medicine. My anxiety treatment article covers the basic TCM diagnoses and associated points for anxiety. In the Tam Healing system which I utilize heavily we often use points such as GB 13 and the huatuo of C2 (most often on the right side, but whichever side is most sensitive) to effect the frontal lobe, along with massage around SI 16. For the amygdala you can look for pressure pain in the area between GB 16 and GB 15 and treat as appropriate.

    Posted: 09-19-2007

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