Ear Infection Adult 45 year old with punctured ear drum from age 30

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Ear Infection Adult 45 year old with punctured ear drum from age 30

Published on 05-19-2017

"WellnessFan" - this is their first post.

How to treat an Adult Male 45 year old with ear infection in both ears. Most likely triggered
by air born allergy. Adult has one ear drum puncture from a physician cleaning ears and
hands slipped 15 years ago. No problems with ears, generally healthy.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on May 2017

Are you asking for herbal recommendations, acupuncture protocols, both? What is the persons diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms with supporting signs and symptoms?

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comment by "WellnessFan"
on May 2017

Both, please. I do not know his diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. He has food, air born, and chemical allergies.
Thank You!

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comment by "anon219571"
on May 2017

Chinese medicine (TCM) works a different way then western medicine. For example allergy is only a symptom But it could have a lot of causes. In TCM we treat the cause, so thats why we need a lot more information. When does he have this allergy? In which season/weather? How does he react on the foods, and on wich foods, and when? Does he have constipation/diarrea? what are the symptoms of the ear infection, what kind of pains? Are the pains better or worse in cold/heat / pressure/no pressure. What does his tongue look like And so on…and on, and on…If you can’t make a better description, it’s better to look for an TCM practicioner in your area. Because for a TCM practitioner your question is like a needle in a haystack right now.

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