Excess body heat

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Excess body heat

Published on 03-14-2021

"anon27775" - this is their first post.

I have excess body heat. usually this occurs if I take some spicy foods or chicken. After someday the heat dispels if I take sometbut recently the heat doesn’t dispel but got more intense. It’s giving me pain for 4 days straight. It feels like my stomach and Intenstines are burning. Is there anpyway to cure it?

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You should really consult with both a western doctor for traditional tests and an acupuncturist in your area. But generally, if after food you have an intense burning feeling, it’s possible that you have an ulcer. Obviously, if you know the triggers - don’t eat those foods and that may give it some time to heal. From the western side I would likely recommend you get tested for h pylori (stool and/or breath). See someone locally and they should be able to help you.

Posted: 03-14-2021

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