Extro Ordinary Vessels, Dr. Manaka Method

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Extro Ordinary Vessels, Dr. Manaka Method

Published on 08-18-2017

"anon141119" - this is their first post.

Dear Friends of Yin Yang House,
Hi from North Italy (Oderzo town, Venice area).

First of all, I would like to thank the Direction Staff of Yin Yang House for having permitted to us to discuss in this section about many arguments, opening a forum dedicated. I’m relatively skilled in TCM, and starting now to study and applying the Extra Ordinary Vessel methodology. About this subject, I should have some questions, as follow, if anybody of you may kindly answer, please. Some my questions may seems very simple; sorry, I’m entering now in this ability.

  1. Anybody of you may know any practitioner that is practicing applying the Extra Ordinary Vessel Dr. Manaka method in Italy? May you have any his/her contact, please?
  2. Manaka Ion Pumping cord. About the colors of the clips. Black means Positive (+) side and Red means Negative (-), is’n it?
  3. If, instead of the Dr. Manaka wires Pumping cord I use two little magnets for acu-magnetic treatment, respectively of Positive (+) and Negative (-) sides, may I obtain the same results of the cord, correctly applied?
  4. What in English language you means please for “Whisplash” exactly?
  5. In the method of Wihisplash Pattern, it is indicated of “…uses 4 cords”. Have I to use two wire cords for each connections black-red?
  6. In very common and not too strong pathologies, such us light insomnia, normal colitis, common gastritis, for example; how many time per week you see better the patient: one, two, or every second day, using the extra ordinary vessels method? In a relatively busy clinic such I have, it should be better to see the patient one time per week, but probably is too few…
  7. For applying little circular magnets on the acupoint in the skin; supposed correctly applied as polarity; not for extra ordinary vessel treatment; but just for osteoarticular tenderness or pain; how much is the time of application? May I set there the magnets 24 hours, six day every 7 days, as I have read in some American books, or what may be the best technique/time of application?
    Dear medical doctor, physiotherapist collegues and friends all, I thank you in advance for your own qualified answers!

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Acupoints: gb 41, si 3, th 5, ub 62

Comments / Discussions:

  1. No I don’t know anyone, sorry.
  2. Black is used on the master point, which so far as I know is the + point.
  3. You cannot substitute the cords with magnets.
  4. Maybe you meant whiplash? That is when you have sudden intense movement of the head like getting hit from behind in an automobile accident.
  5. I’m not familiar with the use of any 4 cord treatment. So far as I know each cord has two wires and only two cords are used per treatment.
  6. I don’t have any clinical experience using this method.
  7. I was taught that the cords should be left on for 45-60 minutes. The human body attenuates stimuli, as such leaving the magnets on for longer likely has no additional benefit.

Posted: 08-19-2017

  1. I don’t know any personally, but I would start by linking up with the european branch of the toyohari association - there isn’t a branch in Italy, but there is one in spain, portugal and elsewhere so there is likely to be at least a few people in italy.

  2. Yes black is positive - but remember that the ion pumping cords only let current go in -one- direction from positive to negative - the diode in the cord doesn’t allow anything back the other direction which is a large part of their effectiveness.

  3. So because of the diodes in the cords, trying to create the same treatment with magnets may not lead to the same results. We do have a small section on magnet therapy if you are interested in using those.

4&5. “whiplash” and, yes, in the whiplash ion cord treatment as it is described on our page you use 4 cords - both sides will be needled with TH 5 Black Clip to GB 41 Red Clip and UB 62 Black Clip to SI 3 Red Clip on the left side and all the same points in the same layout on the right side as well.

  1. We never see the patient more than once per week, so I feel like that is more than enough except in very rare circumstances. Remember you have to give the treatment time to affect the body and for those functions to change - overtreating is a real problem in our field as far as I’m concerned. Once a week, even less, is more than enough. Stephen Birch and other leaders in the Japanese acupuncture field will likely have different views.

  2. Read the magnet therapy page referenced above. It should answer most of those questions. Ultimately, however, it depends on the patient, their condition, what your approach is, what gauss the magnets are, etc.

Posted: 08-21-2017

Thank you for your interesting & kind answers!

Best Regards

Fabio Ambrosi

Posted: 08-21-2017

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