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Feelings ,Microcosmic Orbit, Chakras

Published on 11-30-2008

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1) As i am going through my recovery process (Self Empowerment) from anxiety, i have come across one thing that is somewhat have similarity with the micrcosmic orbit and chakra system. That is, Richard Bandler (NLP Creator) has comeup with a technique to highten(raise) the feelings like if you are feeling good you can raise it to euphoria(ecstasy), and that is great for changing brain chemistry. Basically the idea is whenever someone has some feelings, the feeling has to spin to stay in the body, so it will spin from the right to left or top to bottom,to highten the feelings just make the feeling spin faster faster and faster in the same direction as it is moving, similarity is, this thing is same as chakra cleansing or energizing and same as the microcosmic orbit opening. As i have been in TCM for sometime, my question is, does this technique can create some kind of imbalance in the energy system, like i feel some imbalance, after doing that i feel like a little low in energy and a bit shaky , do you think that after doing that spinning thing if one concentrate(Meditate) or gether energy at Lower Tantien for sometime, will this help in lowering any imbalance that been created by that activity.

2) While sleeping i used to getup during the night like after 1 or 2 hour of sleep, it may be acidity and i feel stiffness in my lower jaws and teeth and then cannot sleep. Can pressing LI4 and KD1 point before going to bed can help or any other point you can suggest that i can use before going to bed that can help staying asleep.



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Unnatural and/or over control of your energy/emotions can cause an imbalance. In qigong we call this "running fire" and if you search the forums here you can read other related posts I have made regarding the topic. Certainly anytime you provide an unnatural amount of control over your energy you will disrupt the natural flow to a certain degree. The body is built, however, to constantly work towards rebalancing itself so the effects are usually minimal. Signs of running fire can be difficulty breating, agitation, headaches, poor sleep, feeling "off", etc. So if you are having some sensations like this it would be good to examine some of the techniques you may be using to cause the issues. Usually you can mitigate any problems from incorrect practice by performing brief standing and/or sitting mediation focused on the lower tantian, then rubbing the body down from head to toe at the end of each session. If that is not strong enough, usually the meditation and then a short walk outside will settle the energy.

With regards to points for sleep, KD 1 is often useful, LI 4 would help with your face pain, you could add in LV 3 which will more strongly descend your energy and works well with LI 4 (creating what we call the 4 gates in TCM), and the extra points shimian and anmian can also be helpful. The Tong Ren for Insomnia article, will give you the points that we most often use.

Posted: 12-03-2008

Dear Zafar

In reference to the energy practice you are doing, it&#39s always important to ensure your energy is grounded when you start raising energy upwards. Without being anchored, you can definitely disrupt your Qi flow - especially in the Du, Ren, & Chong.

Acupressure on LI-4 & KD-1 is good, and I would also add in KD-3 & GB-40; KD-3 anchors the Yin and GB-40 anchors the Yang esoterically. I agree with Chad that LV-3 is also good with LI-4 to open qi circulation. I like to make the order: LI-4 (Lt) LV-3(Rt) LV-3 (Lt) LI-4(Rt) to create the infinity symbol :)

I would also invite you to try acupuncturing yourself (if you&#39re licensed!) and create a 6-pointed star on your abdomen. I usually use RN-12, RN-4, ST-23, ST-26 needling RN-12 & ST-26 first then RN-4 & ST-23. This also harmonizes yin and yang energy within the body and will keep you grounded through the lower dan tian when you sleep.

Posted: 04-25-2014

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