Hydrocephalus in teens, TCM, Qigong, auricular therapy

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Hydrocephalus in teens, TCM, Qigong, auricular therapy

Published on 03-02-2018

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I’m looking for treatment suggestions along the lines of qigong, specific breath patterns to move the cerebralspinal fluid down from the brain.

I’d also ask about any auricular points I might use seeds on or a cold laser. Is there a protocol for this or something similar in teens/adult treatment histories.

Thanks gang

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Acupoints: gv 17, st 40, ub 9

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Treatment would depend on more variables. Is it acquired or congenial for example. The severity of the swelling would be another. What, if any symptoms has it caused. Are there other health issues/disease going on as well? For the laser what is the wavelength and power?

I personally am not aware of any qi gong that would accomplish what you looking for though perhaps someone with more medical qi gong training might. I would be surprised if using ear seeds had any effect - if anything I might use the laser on the ear points instead (depending again on what kind of laser). But again what points to choose would require more information about the patient.

Posted: 03-04-2018

HI Stephen, thanks for answers.
Laser is 632nm and is a red cold low level laser, and is recommended for ear and body pts.
I’ll ask further questions on the boy. I was hoping you would say “brain stem pt” and spleen for moving lymph fluid, (being cerebral-spinal fluid) and xie xie hue breathing. for the
same reason. I’ve not met the kid, it’s the child of a new friend. I was wanting to know if there was something here I might mention to her by this search.
I noticed Dr. Tung has points down the midline of the back of the leg he suggests for this. There’s a PDF online of his treatment.
I’ll be back friday with more info.
thanks again,

Posted: 03-04-2018

I’m not the best person to ask for ear points if that’s specifically what kind of treatment you want to do. The laser should be good. I’m not an expert but broadly speaking the red laser is to tonify, the blue to sedate, the green so far hasn’t been found to do much, and invisible (infrared) only seem to be useful for pain. For general issues with the functional aspect of the brain stem you could use GV 17 with UB 9. I’d probably consider adding ST 40 to help promote the downward draining.

Posted: 03-06-2018

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