Itching in body

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Itching in body

Published on 04-11-2018

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I and my family members are affected with itching. Itching in the areas are genetal organs, in thigh, around belly in the top muscles of hands. Severe itching at night times.
According to acupressure, which point I have to choose and stimulate.

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Acupoints: li 11, lu 7, lv 2, lv 8, sp 10, ub 17, ub 40

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You would do well to try to figure out the cause first. For most causes acupressure alone is not going to be very effective. If your entire family is itching it is something that spreads (i.e bacterial or viral) and/or environmental - herpes, scabies, shingles, many types of viral exposures, sexually transmitted infections, lice, etc. There is a long list of possibilities.

Acupressure wise - at least symptomatically, the following points may be helpful:

Posted: 04-11-2018

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