Location point Gall bladder 39

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Location point Gall bladder 39

Published on 08-21-2018

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Dear YYH,

What would be the exact location of GB 39? In the text on the YYH page it says ‘posterior border of the fibula’… And I thought anterior, between the front of the fibula and the tendons.

It seems a bit confusing. If you could clear things up that would be great!

Kind regards,


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It’s pretty much as stated - the most important part is that the point is in front of peroneous longus and brevis. Basically if you put your finger on the back end of the tip of the lateral malleolus and then slide up between those tendons there is a place where your finger stops and that’s GB 39. Hopefully that helps…

Posted: 08-22-2018

It does help a lot. Thank you.

Posted: 08-22-2018

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