Lower body backpain/impotence/skin/sweating combined

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Lower body backpain/impotence/skin/sweating combined

Published on 05-17-2011

"lynchun" - this is their first post.

Hi All,

i stumbled across this forum and hoped that it is a good place to consult some practitioners or knowledgable people for a condition or complex of conditions that I have been trying to treat in myself with the help of various practitioners over the past 12 years to no avail.

I wanted to list them out and allow people to see what could be related or not. Some symptoms have appeared or worsened over the years:

1. Back pain (especially lower back) - started 15 years ago and gradually worsened despite lots of chiropractic care

2. Erectile dysfunction- gradually worsened over the past 10 years (im now 38)

3. Skin problems especially in the lower body - groin, thighs, waist, genitals, gradually worsened over the past 20 years - psoriasis on waist (getting UVB therapy at present) and something that is yet to be diagnosed in the groin area (have had biopsy - not dermatitis or fungus/yeast), will go to another specialist for allergy testing next week. Have been told it could be neurological.

4. Joint pain, especially the knees, worsened over the past few years

5. cold lower back and buttocks - has become apparent to me over the past two years but has probably been happening for much longer. This is simply where my body might be ward, but the lower back and buttock are very cold independently.

6. Heat and sweat in the genital and inner thigh region (quite the opposite of the lower back and buttocks.

other issues - mild dyslexia, memory problems, low immune system, anxious

i function very well at work and have a sterong social cicle. However, the above physocal manifestation are starting to encourage me to be a hermit at times.

Any thoughts on what this is all about?

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Acupoints: gv 3, gv 4

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The lower back pain most because of damp cold, wind dampness, or twist injury on waist, and kidney deficincy. for acupuncture points use, du3, 4, ub18, 20,21,22,23,26, 40,54, 57, 60, 62, kd3, 6, Sp6, Si 3, Yao Yan, and Ashi points etc. for medicine use Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang is better, with herbal wine Tui Na will be the best.

Posted: 05-18-2011

The anxiety, heat signs, etc. are more than likely what we call damp-heat and the libido, low back pain, etc. are from kidney deficiency which over longer periods of time can lead to dampness and what we call empty-heat (which can make you anxious, muddle your thinking, digestion, etc.). The fact that you are warmer in the groin and cooler outside it is more likely to be from the lack of nerve function in the low back as opposed to some complicated syndrome.

While I might get negative feedback for saying the following - I&#39m going to anyhow - it is my website after all.... there is sufficient clinical evidence (particularly from orthopedic and neurosurgeons who end up dealing with improper/excessive treatment) that too frequent and too invasive chiropractic care can cause more harm than good. While I will refer to certain chiropractors from time to time the whole we&#39ll treat you 2-3/x week for half a year or more thing is generally counterproductive in my experience. If you are not showing obvious signs of improvement from -any- modality within 3 months (at the most) stop and find someone else. Whatever you do, do not let a practitioner tell you it&#39s just going to take longer. More is simply -not- better.... While it is true a full resolution to all of your issues may take some time you should progressively (and obviously) be getting better if the practitioner is working for you.

I don&#39t see anything that you have that should be all that difficult to treat with proper acupuncture, some tuina (as Feng suggested), and possibly some herbal medicine (for that you should definiately see someone locally). One practitioner should be able to offer all of that to you.

Posted: 05-19-2011

Du is the Governing Vessel Meridian (GV) so GV 3 and GV 4.

And just for future reference Ren is the Conception Vessel (CV).

Posted: 05-20-2011

I agree with Chad's post regarding both the fast that any therapy should start to show improvements within at least 90 days at a minimum. Particularly for physical medicine like physical therapy, chiropractic, or tuina; as well as for acupuncture. I have rarely allowed someone to be treated beyond 30 days without seeing at least 30-50% improvement in their case.

With that said, if you find that acupuncture and herbal therapy are not resolving your symptoms, I recommend seeing a Nuerologist as all your symptoms accept anxiety seem to involve the lumbar nerve plexus and thus may be attributed to sensory damage to the nervous system most likely to show on MRI or NCV testing. You should respond well to acupuncture, as many of my clients have, but if not, think about the nerves - as Chad has already suggested.

Posted: 05-20-2011

Could you please explain to which meridian "du3 and 4" belongs?

Posted: 05-20-2011

what do guys think about a possible infection or parasite that could have persisted over a long period of time. The only reason I ask is because of this

other issues - mild dyslexia, memory problems, low immune system, anxious

Especially the low imune system. Also the skin problems.

Perhaps theire are two conditions. A friend had similar symptoms from a parasitic infection and uses an extract called Artemisinin from Chinese Worm Wood to "cure" it.

Just throughing it out their, it could be a consideration if other things fail.

Posted: 09-17-2011

Hi guys,

Thanks very much for showing an interest in my situation and providing feedback. Feng Mei, I have taken note of the acupuncture points you have mentioned. I am yet to start acupuncture. Chad, vandenhoek and Matthew, I appreciate your comments.

I will give you an update which seems to correlate with some thoughts you have shared:

1. Hydration, I have been drinking a lot of water with chlorophyll and found significant relief to the groin irritation.

2.digestive enzymes after protein meals also has huge benefits by giving releif to my skin

3.Chinese herbal medicine, I am taking a mixture of Chinese herbs in powder form put together by a doctor who is also a specialist in Chinese medicine. The diagnoses was a reference to heat, the kidneys but especially the liver. I have very high billirubin evils, which is not necessarily conclusive, along with the check on my pulse and a through examination points to the liver being unable to detox with the flow on digestive problems and then skin etc.

I have now seen a neurologist who can't find anything through manual testing, stays show nothing and have had an MRI, I will find out the results next week.

Does the above concur with any of your thoughts?

The idea of a parasite infection seems to indicate to me, Matthew where can I research this?

Thanks for all your help guys.

Posted: 09-18-2011

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