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Published on 05-06-2012

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I had a new client enquiry this week from a 56yr old Female suffering with Lupus for the past year. I have not treatment anyone with Lupus before. She is suffering from very painful joints, especially her right knee which feels tight, very tight. Her moods are very low, and she has no energy. I have not done full consultation but from our brief chat I was picking up signs of Heat, Empty Heat and signs of Yin Xu. Just wondering if anyone has any advice of treatment principles and points along with diet advice as i will start treatment this week

Thanks in advance

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comment by "archived-user"
on May 2012

Lupus is auto-immune disase, in TCM, lupus is because of 2 reasons: first, preheaven body weak or work hard make body too tired cause body Qi and blood imbalance with emotion problem cause Qi stagnation in meridians, second, the hot weather of strong sun light heat body skin, hurt yin blood cause blood stagnation in meridians and damage internal organs energy system imbalance the endocrine. Your patient is the pattern of Yin deficiency, internal heat, probably with blood stagnation, so the treatment principle is Tonify Yin, move blood stagnation, cool down body heat and relieve joint pain, use raw herb formula: Da Bu Yin Wan+Si Wu Tang+ Xuan Bi Tang+-, you should edit the formula by yourself, for my experience, ususally choice 12 herbs for each bag and about 100g for a bag herbs, 6-10 bags for each package, each bag boiled to two cups liquid for patient drink two times. The same, find out 12 points for each acupuncture treatment, basic on the treatment principle.

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comment by "Brenda_Kohut"
on May 2012

When it comes to any auto immune disease, I always add the point Spleen 21 with moxa. SP21 is the great Luo-connecting point of the Spleen channel. It connects all the luo channels of the main meridians. Classical texts mention that when this point is deficient, all the joints are flaccid, and when excess, there is pain all over the body.

One of the functions of the Luo-connecting channels in general is to assist in the distribution of qi, and more especially blood, to all the tissues of the body via the network of the minute Luo-connecting channels. Since the Spleen controls blood, its great Luo-connecting channel dominates this function of blood distribution throughout the body. When blood stagnates "there is pain of the whole body"; when blood is xu and unable to nourish the tissues, "the hundred joints are flaccid".

Because of the unique function of the Spleen channel in qi and blood distribution, and because of the special relationship of SP 21 with all the other Luo-connecting channels, it is the most effective point to treat when general energy distribution is disturbed, as is the case with multiple splits.

Patients can effectively treat this point themselves with manual stimulation, and should do so several times daily in the case of multiple splits. When stimulated in this way, the effect is always rapid and impressive.

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comment by "dcasinelli"
on May 2012

Hi Rachel--thanks to the other participants,

I just posted a case history of a patient with Lupus whom I&#39ve been treating since September. Unlike your patient, Bi Syndrome is not the predominant symptom. However, she does have fatigue and responds well to treating Earth with moxa, so I am going to consider SP21 and think more about the role of Earth in this pattern.

Brenda--what are "multiple splits?"



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comment by "Brenda_Kohut"
on Aug 2012

Splits, or multiple splits, are when there are multiple left-right imbalances. Meaning if there are pain issues on the right and lift sides, but are not bi-lateral. i.e. left ankle/right knee.

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