My concern about my health

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My concern about my health

Published on 05-29-2019

"anon191054" - this is their first post.

Hello. I am 42 y old. One year ago I started hearing the noise in the ear according to heart rate and this is still going on. I made a visit at an otorhinolaryngologist and an audiogram and timpanography test.
Everything is ok.
Except this, I have much paint at “TH1” of Triple Heart Meridiane.
What does this pain mean? What medical examinations can I do?
May be related to each other, the pain of the “TH1” and the noise in the ear.

Thank you


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Just to be clear you are hearing your heart pound in your ear, or you have tinnitus (ringing) with a fast heart rate, or something else?

Generally speaking tinnitus is often not that related to the ear, so the ear usually checks out fine. Underlying anxiety disorders, thyroid conditions, hormonal changes/problems, sinus/allergy issues, cervical disc issues, etc. can be behind that.

If you general bloodwork checks out that more or less rules out thyroid and hormone problems. An MRI can be used to rule out a brain tumor (very unlikely without other symptoms).

Generally speaking the gamut of the potential underlying issues can be dealt with with acupuncture, so as this is a fairly new symptom, I would simply suggest you find an acupuncturist in your area and give them 6-10 treatments and I would suspect this would be gone in that time frame, particularly if you are otherwise generally healthy.

Posted: 05-29-2019

I believe it’s tinitus. I have problems with the cervical disc. In general I am healthy. I was scared if this situation could have a risk for stroke?

What about my pain of “TH1” at triple warmer meridian? Can it have an explanation for this?

Thank you

Posted: 05-29-2019

I can’t of course say for certain without knowing more personal details, but what you are describing wouldn’t even remotely be a stroke risk, particularly with no other health factors.

The pain at TH 1 is probably unrelated and most likely mild arthritis or something. While, yes, technically that point can be used for certain ear conditions, the point -> condition ideas are usually not as linear as we might like them to be. There is chance that the area is problematic from the cervical disc issues (i.e. feeling near the end of the nerve path), but that is less likely than tendon tension/inflammation and/or arthritis.

Posted: 05-29-2019

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