Plantar fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis

Published on 09-18-2007

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Any suggestions for energetic treatment or self-treatment for plantar fasciitis. Currently worst pain is on medial side of left heel although at other times it has been strongest on the lateral side.

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Acupoints: gb 37, kd 1, lu 8, ub 60

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For plantar fasciitis, there are two main things you can do for yourself at home. First, in the morning you should massage the area either with your hands, or by rolling golf or tennis balls with your foot and then working to pick them up. This is important to counteract the tension that usually builds up over night. Once you are up and moving around, stretching the calf muscle is also important as it will release tension on the bottom of the foot.

Using acupressure can also be helpful. You can use points such as KD 1, LU 8, UB 60, GB 37 and around the areas where you feel the most tension or pressure pain.

Posted: 09-20-2007

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