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Sedate AND Tonify

Published on 05-22-2012

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This question will probably sound a bit trivial, but i would really like to hear the answers to it :)

I was wondering what would happen if somebody was to tonify a point on one side of the body and sedate the mathching point on the other side? Would the energies just balance out, creating a golden middle, or would the main point, the one on which the actual organ is located take the lead and produce the effect applied on it?

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    comment by "archived-user"
    on May 2012

    In TCM, human body mainly left side are blood points, right side are Qi points. For Qi and Blood harmony and balance, usually need both side points sedate or tonify. If the patient Qi and Blood imbalance, we just choice one side points for tonify or sedate.

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    comment by "beenu"
    on Jun 2012

    In TCM all meridians exist on both side of the body. So sometimes it happens that on one side of body energy is deficient and on other side , its in excess. So by tonifying on one side and sedating on other side, it will balance the energy of body.

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    comment by "Reiko"
    on Jun 2012

    When you have pain on the left side, it is excess condition. And you should treat right side where you do not have any symptom, because right side should be deficient. I would use tonify and sedate to balance the energy.

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    comment by "gnigma"
    on Jun 2012

    When using meridian style based treatment, like Dr. Tan&#39s method or Master Tung&#39s method, the actual treatment for pain or discomfort is to disperse the mirror points on the opposite side from the pain on the appropriate meridians. This works very well for pain or other excess problems. Dispersing using the mirror image points usually works very quickly, with noticable improvement pretty well immediately, and lessening of pain by at least 50% in a single session. However, patients today are more often as not a combination of problems, and there is usually some deficiency that may even be the true root cause of the problem. I&#39ve found that tonification usually works much better when treated bilaterally, and results are better overall if you supplement with herbs. Tonification takes longer.

    You can do both at the same time.

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    comment by "Jon_Fellman"
    on Jul 2012

    Yeah, there are a lot of ways to look at this obviously, and it depends on what you mean by the "matching point". If you mean the same point, and you are doing a bilateral/symetrical TCM style treatment, I would refer to Feng Mei&#39s reply above. If, however the matching point is a point in a related meridian it could be dicussed further.

    One could take more of a 5 element stance on this, and that would require looking at those relationships and acting accordingly ( I.e. if it were a deficient condition, tonifying the Mother, or sedatiing the Father... if an excess condition, sedating the Son or tonifying the Father.

    One could also, especially in a acute ( excess) pain situations, take the stance mentioned above, where one would sedate the related meridian ( i.e Hnad Tai Yin- opposite Foot Tai Yin, Hand Tayin - either side Foot Tai Yang, Hand Tai yin- opp. Hand Yang Ming, Hand Ta yin, opp. Foot Jue Yin).

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